The homeland of peacocks

In the west of Yunnan Province China, there is a beautiful piece of land, which is named Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture.

  • Volunteer Association Established in Dehong


    The inaugural meeting of Dehong Volunteer Association was held in Mangshi on the afternoon of May 15, 2014, and Zhao Yingyan was elected as the head of the association

  • Dehong: Building Infrastructures to Attract Investors


    A group of businessmen from Taiwan visited Dehong during Water Splashing Festival and some of them, aiming at the advantages owned by Dehong as an opening-up frontier, decided to put large investments in production of electrical equipment an

  • Dehong to Build Itself as the Starting Point of “Tea Export Economic Corridor”


    Information from Agricultural Bureau of Dehong shows that China Pu’er Tea Museum has been established in Dehong, suggesting that Dehong will intensify the development of tea industry and try to build itself as the starting point of “west

  • Four Cities from Yunnan Listed as International Land Port Cities


    The Second Meeting of Asian Transport Ministers’ Forum concluded in Bangkok a few days ago, during which the Intergovernmental Agreement on Land Ports was signed by the 14 member countries including Armenia, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Ira

  • Dehong: Water-Splashing Festival and Muzaozongge Festival Win “Brilliant Achieve


    The opening ceremony of National Exchange Conference on Chinese Festivals was held grandly on the morning of September 14, during which Water-Splashing Festival and Muzaozongge Festival from Dehong drew lots of attention and were granted the

  • Dehong: to Build Defense for Ecological Safety


    “In Dehong, there are not many chimneys but a lot of trees, not much noise but a lot of laughter As a paradise for sightseeing and living, Dehong will make efforts to make itself more vigorous, more affluent, more harmonious and happier ”

  • Bullfight in Dehong


    Usually, Dehong water buffaloes are gentle, upright and elegant, but they will immediately become competitive and aggressive once they step into the arena

  • Dehong: The Land Fertile with Winter Crops (3)


    Multi- catalyzer to Increase Farmers Earning (potato planting in Xuangang Town) In recent years, Dehong accomplished the optimization of cropping structure and diversification of channels to expedite farmers income rise In the first thre

  • Dehong: The Land Fertile with Winter Crops (2)


    Tobacco Industry Boost Rural Income Rise (villagers busling with tobaco leaves treatment in Husa Village) (demonstration plot of modernized tobacco cultivation in Namu Village) Dehong enjoys abundant soil resource, which contains more than

  • Dehong: The Land Fertile with Winter Crops (1)


    (this piece is first publishedby Takung Newspaper) Located in the southwestern region of China , Dehong Prefecture is bestowed with a typical sub-tropical zone climate with warm winter and cool summer Long frost-free season and favorable n

  • Make the Culture Last for Eternity—Stories in De’ang Culture Protection in Santa


    FormatStrongID_0 Man Wenxiang once told the reporter that he thought it was far from enough to merely revitalize the ethnic culture by cultivating and protecting the traditions A more ultimate goal should be passing on the ethnic culture

  • Make the Culture Last for Eternity—Stories in De’ang Culture Protection in Santa


    4) Establishing a Deang Sour Tea Brand In the above-mentioned Deang folk epic The Oldest Legends of Ancestors , the Deang people were emerged from the tea leaves and the tea was regarded as the root of Deang ethnic In hundreds of years, t

  • Make the Culture Last for Eternity—Stories in De’ang Culture Protection in Santa


    De ang folk museum in Santai Mt Village Santai Mountian , as its name implies, consists three peaks A small village of Deang ethinic minority settles among those peaks The village is so little that it is not even indicated on the map of

  • Jiegao: A new Blueprint in Ruili Pilot Zone Construction (4)


    New Policy, New AdvancementFrom Perfect End to Sustainable Development This year is the year of colossal importance, when the grand goal of the 12th Five-year Plan will be accomplished and the construction of Golden Port and National Key Pi

  • Jiegao: A new Blueprint in Ruili Pilot Zone Construction(3)


    New Chances, New VisionFrom the Old Town to National Key Pilot Zone Jiegao is a word in Dai language which means the old town It is said the ancient town was first erected here at the turn of Yuan Dynasty and Ming Dynasty Suddenly, such a