The homeland of peacocks

In the west of Yunnan Province China, there is a beautiful piece of land, which is named Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture.

Jiegao: A new Blueprint in Ruili Pilot Zone Construction(3)


  New Chances, New Vision—From the Old Town to National Key Pilot Zone 

  Jiegao is a word in Dai language which means “the old town”. It is said the ancient town was first erected here at the turn of Yuan Dynasty and Ming Dynasty. ” Suddenly, such as spring night, the Trees of pear blossoms.” The lyrics in ancient Chinese poem may not be the best to describe Jiegao’s fortune, yet they are perfectly analogy to Jiegao’s outstanding performance in the 11th and 12th Five -Year Plans. 

  “He who fail to reach the Jade Town in Jiegao hasn’t been to Jiegao at all.” At 4 or 5 in the early morning, while the city is still quietly asleep, jade trader already crowd the stores in Jiegao Jade Town. 

  The Jade Town was constructed in the same year of the implementation of the “Within/Outside the Border “Policy. This district covers 2.67 hectares and houses more than 350 stores and over 600 jewelry counters after 10years of development. 

  Yan Erliang, the marketing manager told media that the fixed personnel in the district is as much as more than 4,000 daily, the number people visiting the town surmounts 4,000, too. Since the day Ruili was selected as a national key pilot zone, numerous jewelers swarmed to Jade Town. The administration of Jade Town had to reduce the scale of each single store and raise the number of counters in order to accommodate more traders. However, the shopping facility that was quite advanced in its design can no longer contain the increasing amount of sellers and buyers. The administration of the huge jade shopping mall have decided to alter the current layout by demolishing part of the outmoded stores, reconstructing new stores in several partitions and managing the town with a general design. .In January, the representative of Linsen Commercial and Trading Company, Huang Dequan, grasps the opportunity coming along with the national key pilot zone construction to for the second time make a change in his business in 20 years. He extends his business from jade and gem processing into a larger area of opening a jewelry mall which offers stores and counters for jewelers to rent. 

  Lai Jian, the head of Kangliong Co., Ltd. has his special view on the construction of a national pilot zone in Ruili. His company was established in the same year of “Within/Outside the Bolder” policy’s enforcement and grew together with Jiegao city. Now, the national key pilot zone has changed Jiegao’s attribute. For this reason, firstly companies need to redefine their position in the market for development ,and secondly the enterprises have to be aware of the influence of international business on the nation as well as the influence on Jiegao. Moreover, since the traditional finance is not proper for modern commerce anymore, it is urgent for Jiegao to adapt to an advanced financial platform with collaborative effort of government and enterprises. One more thing to be stressed is that the construction of national key pilot zone should not be a one-sided wish. This requires active and constructive commutations to improve the business service on both sides. Only under this condition can the advantages of Jiegao in international trading and transportation be utilized to the utmost.

  Duan Hui, the vice director of the local division of taxation bureau has witnessed the thriving in Jiegao’s land and real estate market since the beginning of the Ruili National Key Pilot Zone construction. There are obvious rise in the revenue largely contributed by decoration tax, deed tax in land purchase, realty transfer fee. The upsurge in private enterprises and individual businesses amplifies the sources of tax-revenue. Under these circumstances, the local taxation division has firmly been monitoring the taxation sources to forestall any illegal taxation deed. In the statistics provide by Mr. Duan, the total taxation revenue approved by the taxation division of Jiegao is 36.39 million yuan in 2011, 10.39 million yuan higher than the number expected at the end of the previous year. The tax in 2012 is estimated as 43 million yuan and 23.67 million yuan has already been reached. It serves as an solid evidence of the salutary effect posed by the national pilot zone. Liu Zhengju, the director of local administration of commerce and industry uses a series of number to show the vitality in Jiegao’s economic development in recent three years. Before 2010. there were merely 1600 individually-owned businesses in JIegao and now the sum rises to 2100. State Administration for Industry and Commerce has drafted 22 special regulations to support the Golden Port and National Key Pilot Zone construction by reducing restrictions in enterprises admittance. 

  Jiegao is the gateway from China to countries in ASEAN. It is also the pivotal link in the economic chains of greater China region, South Asia and ASEAN areas, which enjoys the reputation of “’Sha Tau Kok’ in southeastern China” and “the Pearl on southern border line”. This remote city thrives in opening-up as a port and takes the lead in adopting specialized regulations and policies with the aim to give full play to the advantages of a port city. Jiegao is a role model in border opening-up. 20 years after its opening to the international economy, Jiegao embraces another splendid opportunity as the national key pilot zone is settled here. Jiegao will march on the firm ground paved by its two decades of development and vibrantly search for higher peak.