The homeland of peacocks

In the west of Yunnan Province China, there is a beautiful piece of land, which is named Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture.

Jiegao: A new Blueprint in Ruili Pilot Zone Construction (4)


New Policy, New Advancement—From Perfect End to Sustainable Development


This year is the year of colossal importance, when the grand goal of the 12th Five-year Plan will be accomplished and the construction of Golden Port and National Key Pilot Zone will be greatly advanced. Standing on the new starting point, Jiegao will unswervingly grasp historic opportunities to improve Jiegao’s function as a demonstration in border opening-up and a engine in accelerating regional radiation effect. More than a decade past, achievements made by Jiegao are astonishing.

International commerce scales multiplies remarkably. In 2011, the entire volume of import and export trade totaled 11 billion yuan, increasing by a factor of over seven. 95% of cargos for import and export was transported in Jiegao, a boreder city living up to its reputation as the shipping hub and freight station for Sino-Myanmar trade. The annual Sino-Myanmar bilateral border trade fair has been held in rotation by beach side for 11 years, and fast growth in trade volume marked each year’s trade event. In 2011 alone, 41 agreements for projects cross-border trade, with the deal volume of 1.686 billion yuan, and 9 projects to attract investment, with a business amount of 1.894 billion yuan, were signed during the fair The exhibition economy notably boosts the Sino-Myanmar trade and serves as a platform for the establishment of a mutually-beneficial regional economic mechanism.

Logistics efficiency is hugely improved. Currently, a well-functioning area for storage and shipment covers a 24-square-kilometer area with a handling capacity of 1.6 million ton per annum. The storage and shipment district has its core in Jiegao Dongxie Logistics Center and is complemented by Hengmao Fruits Wholesale Market, construction material market and depositories individually-owned by companies. More than 80 Burmese trade intermediates set up long-term service business here and over 30 market specialties for Sino-Myanmar trade, including Bole, Wanchang and Hengshun, grow swiftly in Jiegao.

Import and Export processing industry emerges as a promising sector. Jewelry processing is a feature industry in Jiega. Jewelry business in Jiegao started in small trade between cross-border vendors. After many years’ of cultivation, a complete modern industrial chain covering raw material purchase, producing and processing as well as jewelry items selling and after service. Besides jewelry processing, the electronic machinery assembly leading by motorcycle assembly and building material processing gradually burgeon in Jiegao.

Feature industries like tourism and shopping develop rapidly. Tourism products, exhibitions and celebrations, such as the One-day border trip, self-driving cross-border travel, Sino-Myanmar Water-splashing Festival, border trade fair and Ruili Jewelry Cultural Festival, all attracts more and more tourists each year. Jiegao has become the perfect option for tourism and shopping spree.

In the first quarter this year, the fixed asset investment in JIegao reached92.48million yuan, an increase of 263.06% compared with the 25.5 miilion yuan over the same period last year. The investment in fixed asset accounts for 26.5% for the annual revenue in fix asset sector. Total taxation amount attained 23.6 million yuan, a raise by 113.4% over the 11.057 million yuan of last year. The statistics signals the well and sound momentum in socio-economy operation.

The flowers are blooming under the sunny sky and everything seems full of energy. Jiegao, as the only place implementing specialized ”Within’ Outside the Border” regulation under the approval of state council and the kernel in Sino-Myanmar cross-border trade and international transportation, has become increasingly prominent in fueling the border trade and opening-up in southwestern China. Jiegao had written a magnificent chapter of glory over the years and is opening its arms to embrace a even more splendid future. Jiegao, is designated to be the center of spotlight in the construction of Golden Port and National Key Pilot Zone for its indispensable contribution to the significant cause.