The homeland of peacocks

In the west of Yunnan Province China, there is a beautiful piece of land, which is named Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture.

Make the Culture Last for Eternity—Stories in De’ang Culture Protection in Santa


Boosting Economy through Ethnic Culture

Man Wenxiang once told the reporter that he thought it was far from enough to merely revitalize the ethnic culture by cultivating and protecting the traditions. A more ultimate goal should be passing on the ethnic culture on the premise of a vibrant regional economy, which requires a transformation of resources advantages into economic advancement. Recently, attributing to the tourist development, Santai Mt. Village has been known by more and more tourists as a heated sight-seeing spot. In Mr. Man’s mind, the beautiful scenery becomes culturally enriched by the De’ang traditions. Therefore, ethnic culture tourism should be chosen as a ideal path to accelerate the economic growth of the village.

In the following steps, Santai Mt. Village will focus its courses , ethnic culture protection and regional economic growth, on two principles that combines the areas’ advantages in different resources. Firstly, ethnic culture will be combined with tourism development. Under the guidance of this principle, some tourist projects will be established or further expanded very soon, which includes the De’ang Museum, ecotourism in Donggua (White Gourd) Natural Village, ethnic cultural and scenic spots in Laogang (Old Hummock) Hill and Queen’s Palace, feature tourist site in Yunqian Village which was visited by Premier Wen yin 2009, sightseeing project in Mangli Reservoir and tourist route in villages with De’ang residents and scenic spot near some ancient trees. The second principle is the combination of ethnic culture and residential environment. Santai Mt Village is named as a ecological garden village by Yunnan provincial government, which entails the region a great opportunity to establish a De’ang ancient village conservation area with the coverage of more than 1000 mu (about 66.67 hectare). Santai Mt. Village’s favorable location on the midway from Mangshi to Ruili also gives the village conducive conditions to protect the De’ang tradition while enjoys the blooming modern culture. After completion, the ancient village conservation area will invites new residents from both home and abroad, with the hope to broadening the acknowledgement and popularity of De’ang culture. Through this method, a new road for ethnic culture industry is expected to be paved in the coming years.

Despite the fact that the resuscitation of ethnic culture is a long tough march and the village has just made a few steps, the De’ang culture is going to successfully surprise the world with its unique and charming traditions in the future.