The homeland of peacocks

In the west of Yunnan Province China, there is a beautiful piece of land, which is named Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture.

  • Dehongs Administrative Divisions


    The Dehong Autonomous Prefecture has under its administration two cities, namely Mangshi city and Ruili city, and three counties, namely Lianghe county, Yingjiang county, and Longchuan county

  • Dehongs Urban Construction


    Urban construction in the Dehong prefecture sped up in the late 1970s and 1980s with the start of economic reform in China

  • Dehongs Financial Developement


    By the end of 2005, the deposits in all financial institutions in Dehong amounted to 10 773 b yuan, among which 1 958 b yuan was from enterprises, and 7 178 b yuan from urban and rural residents The loans issued by those financial instituti

  • Dehongs Scientific and Technological Developement


    Since the establishment of Dehong Prefecture in 1953, the Dehong Government has attached great importance to the development of science and technology In 2000, an official document was issued to reinforce the status “science and technolog

  • Dehongs Education


    Since the establishment of Dehong Prefecture in 1953, education in Dehong has remarkably improved In 2000, Dehong achieved the goal of universal "nine-year compulsory education " across the Prefecture

  • Dehongs Agriculture


    Agriculture was and still is one of the key economic sectors in Dehong Prefecture After the founding of the People s Republic of China in 1949, Dehong was positioned as the grain barn of Yunnan Province, and took the opportunity to promote

  • Dehongs Natural Resources


    Dehong Prefecture is rich in its various natural resources including water,minerals, platations and animals

  • Brief Introduction of Dehong


    Situated in the deep west of Yunnan province surrounded on three sides by Myanmar, the Dehong Autonomous Prefecture has been thriving off trade with Myanmar since the border opened up in 1990

  • De’ang people embrace new life


    The people of Deang have moved into a new stage, well-stocked with all kinds of electrical appliances, livestock and corn San Taishan Town, located in Dehong prefecture, is the perfect town to prove this Almost 60% of its inhabitants belo

  • The main streets of Mangshi will be decorated with flower of Dehong Prefecture


    In order to built Mangshi into a garden model city with flower and fruit, since mid-October, the staff of Luxi construction departments are busy planting the flower of Dehong------ bougainvillea at Menghuan Road and Kuoshi Road The project

  • Talk on the development track of border town of Pingyuan


    Yingjiang’s history turned a new page when People s Liberation Army stationed in Yingjiang on May, 1950 In the early years of New China, Pingyuan took the first steps of construction

  • Luxi has made tremendous strides during sixty years ups and downs.


    Luxi was peacefully liberated when People s Liberation Army stationed in Luxi on April 21, 1950 From then on, Luxi opened a new era Under the correct leadership of Communist Party of China, along with the integrated development of economic

  • Ethnic music fest opens in southwest China


    A Cultural festival dedicated to the diverse musical instruments of China s ethnic minorities is open in southwest China s Yunnan Province

  • Dehong opens tourism market with Guangdong hand in hand


    Tourism Bureau of Dehong prefecture held a conversation with Guangdong about Guangdong and Dehong Tourism cooperation, made a good threshold for Dehong to open tourism market with Guangdong

  • Jingpo dance show in shancheng


    Jingpo dance "spring " On September 10, Yunnan Dehong Tourism Recommendation meeting was held in Chongqing Liberation Stele of Guangzhou