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In the west of Yunnan Province China, there is a beautiful piece of land, which is named Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture.

Dehong Rural Credit Cooperatives first cashed in the special bill... - The homel


  Dehong Rural Credit Cooperatives first cashed in the special bill of Central Bank

       On September 5, Yingjiang and Longchuan Rural Credit Cooperatives firstly completed the cashing of special bill of Central Bank in the system of provincial Credit Cooperatives, obtaining cashing fund of special bill 12.53 million yuan (Yingjiang 2.53 million yuan, Longchuan 10 million yuan), and transfered to their accounts the next day.

  Specialbill of Central  bank is a beneficial national policy to support new rural construction and promote the reform of rural cooperatives. The policy is to replace parts of bad assets by special bill of central bank to offer better on “three agriculture”, aiming at “take money to buy mechanism”.

  Since 2005, five rural cooperatives in Dehong have applied to subscribe the special bill of central bank 45.86 million yuan. Yingjiang and Longchuan rural cooperatives have selected in the list of first batch of 18 rural cooperatives of Yunnan Province, going to the front list of 128 cooperatives of the province. Under the supervision and guide of Dehong prefecture government, training and examining by Dehong bank supervision branch and all levels of PBC, the two rural cooperatives finished the cashing successfully. This measure enhances capital vigor to accelerate the local economic development, new rural construction and “three agriculture”.

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