The homeland of peacocks

In the west of Yunnan Province China, there is a beautiful piece of land, which is named Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture.

Star Enterprise: Jingcheng (II) Jingcheng Hotel



  A total sum of over CNY 0.18 billion was invested on building Jing Cheng Hotel which covers an area of 39,539 square meters. There are 19 stories altogether. The parking lot covers an area of 2,688 square meters. Nowadays, it has already become a symbolic architecture in Ruili City and even in Dehong Prefecture. The hotel was put into a trial operation on December 28th 2000. On September 5th 2003, it has been recognized as a four-starred hotel which can accept foreign guests. At the end of 2006, it has been thoroughly re-decorated to strive for the recognition of a five-starred hotel.  (Source: Jing Cheng Group Co., Ltd)

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       Jing Cheng Hotel is located in Ruili City which is well know as “the city of peacocks” in Yunnan Province, bordering on several prosperous cities where border trade is greatly developed, such as Muse and Namhkam in Myanmar. It facilitates your travel, sightseeing and business activities with its unique location and outstanding natural environment.