The homeland of peacocks

In the west of Yunnan Province China, there is a beautiful piece of land, which is named Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture.

  • Hygiene


    In the pre-Liberation days, Dehong Prefecture was named as “the area prevailing for miasma and plague”, where malaria, black death, cholera, smallpox and other fulminating infectious diseases were prevailling and rampant

  • Famous Frontier Town of China


    Famous Frontier Town of China——Wanding, Dehong Situated in the south of Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture, Wanding is a port city with full-bodied tropical and subtropical landscape and brilliant border culture

  • Finance


    The earliest finance organization in Dehong can trace to “the new town silver village” opened by Dao Anren, Dai minority, who was one of the pioneer of the 1911 Revolution During the Republic of the China

  • Dehong: Taking Measures to Boost Industrial Development


    Considering the slow industrial development in the first quarter of 2014, Dehong now is initiatively taking measures to step up industrial development

  • The First Myanmar-Targeted Cross-Border Non-Cash Payment Initiated


    A cooperation agreement between Yunnan Branch of China UnionPay Merchant Services Co , Ltd and Ruili Jintong Import and Export Co , Ltd was signed on April 3, 2014, marking that the first cross-border non-cash payment to Myanmar was initiate

  • Dehong: 17.02 Billion Yuan Invited in 2013


    Last year, great achievements were made by Dehong in inviting investments and attracting business, thanks to the efforts paid by governmental departments at all levels to laying foundation for development, enhancing industrial development, p

  • Bank of China Offers 1.4 Billion Yuan to Facilitate the Construction of Key Proj


    A loan of one billion yuan for the construction of Longling-Ruili expressway and a loan of two hundred million yuan for Ruili Agile Tourism Real Estate had been approved a few days ago Besides, a loan of one hundred and fifty million yuan f

  • Dehong: Export Tax Rebate Facilitates China-Myanmar Border Trade


    Dehong is a major window in Yunnan for trade with Myanmar, and export tax rebate policy plays a significant role in reducing the costs of export-oriented enterprises and improving the competitiveness of their products in international market

  • Dehong: Urban Disposable Income Increases Steadily and Slightly in the First Hal


    Since the beginning of 2013, the general price level in Dehong shows a tendency of falling down, and the urban disposable income increases steadily and slightly, with the urban per capita disposable income reaching 9437 yuan, an increase by

  • Delong Group Explores New Markets for Jewelry Trade


    As a newly established jewelry trade market, Delong International Jewelry Town, which is located at Jiegao, is busy and active everyday, with jewelries and gems of different color and different texture displayed in order at stalls, and custo

  • Dehong Delegation Go to Jiangsu and Zhejiang for Investment Inviting


    Under the leading of Gong Jingzheng, governor of Dehong, Dehong investment-inviting delegation visited Pan-Yangtze River Delta from July 8 to 12, in an attempt to publicize Dehong, promote Dehong and let entrepreneurs in Jiangsu and Zhejian

  • Investment Promotion Meeting for Gateway Establishment and Ruili Pilot Zone Held


    On May 24, the investment promotion meeting for Gateway Golden Port and Ruili Pilot Zone, which was organized by Yunnan Investment Cooperation Bureau and People’s Government of Dehong, was held in Shenzhen 16 chambers of commerce includin

  • Dehong: Consumer Goods Market Grows Steadily from January to April   


    From January to April, consumer goods market of Dehong continued to grow steadily, with the total volume of retail sales of consumer goods increasing by 13 3% compared with the same period of last year, achieving 2 582 billion yuan

  • Mangshi’s Fiscal Revenue Surpassed 200 Million in the 1st Quarter


    In the first three months, the fiscal revenue of Mangshi City surmounted 200 million yuan for the first time in history, with a total 244 million yuan which counted for 25 6% in the budget made early this year Compared with the same period

  • Contracts for Investment Projects were Signed in Ruili


    On March 24 th , Dehong prefectural government and Asia Development and Investment Bank reached a cooperative agreement for investing in a bunch of projects At the same time, contracts were co-signed by Ruili local government and Yunnan Zh