The homeland of peacocks

In the west of Yunnan Province China, there is a beautiful piece of land, which is named Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture.

  • The 11th China-Myammar Bordering Trading Fair Opens on Dec 8th


    The 11th China-Myammar Bordering Trading Fair will be held between December 8th and 10th, according to a news conference convened one day before the trading fair officially opened The 11th Bordering Trading Fair is organized by the Povinci

  • Yingjiang Jade Park in Preparation


    Under the guidelines laid out at the Conference on Key Cultural Projects in Dehong Prefecture held in the morning of Dcember 4th, emphasis will be given to the construction of a series of cultural projects, including the Mangshi Ethinic Cul

  • Dehong’s GDP Growth Up by 16.4% in First Three Quarters of 2011


    During the past nine months of this year, the economic growth in Dehong Autonomous Prefecture performs well in restraining currency inflation and stablizing commodity price Due to the effective measures and polices employed by the local go

  • Mangshi Forest Products Trade Market


    Introduction A forest product trade market is a prerequisite for developing the forestry industry Mangshi city has returned the proprietorship of mountains, forests, and logs to the people, which has aroused people s initiative and enthusi

  • Laying International Trade Market at Zhangfeng Port


    Introduction Laying International Trade Market engages in trade, commerce, storage, tourism, shopping and commodity distribution, with market development as its main goal Builtnear Burma, it has convenient transportation that extends direc

  • Laying International Logistics Center at Zhangfeng Port


    Introduction The Laying International Logistics Center will serve as a storage center, logistic distribution center, transportation center, transfer center, wholesale center, and office building Its main function is transportation, storage

  • Raw Jade Auction Market in Yingjiang County


    Introduction In virtue of its geographical position, Dehong has become China s distribution center for raw jade since the early 1990s In recent years, the Yunnan provincial Party committee and provincial government have paid great attentio

  • International Jewelry Town of Dehong


    Introduction Dehong prefecture is situated by the frontier of southwest China, with the south, west and northwest parts next to Myanmar, a country famous for its jades It is indispensable to Silk Road in the Ming Dynasty which started dire