The homeland of peacocks

In the west of Yunnan Province China, there is a beautiful piece of land, which is named Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture.

Lisu Musical Instruments


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  The musical instruments in each tribe tell about the feelings, beauty and varied wisdom of the village instead of putting it into words. The beautiful sound of each musical instrument, weaving through the evening remains today and will continue to the next generation, as long as the new generation is taught and is interested.

  The bottle gourd organ

  Usually, this is the favorite instrument of Lisu men. This is a wind instrument which they will play at ceremonies in the community culture court or when they travel to play in other villages; they also use the bottle gourd organ to contact each other, to others know they are thinking of them – a very good reason why this is the favorite and continues to be learnt from generation to generation.

  The equipment

  1. The bottle gourd

  2. bamboo

  3. beeswax

  The construction process

  1. Perforate two sides of the bottle gourd and take the seed out.

  2. Cut five pieces of bamboo, two pieces longer than the others.

  3. Put the bamboo in to the bottle gourd.

  4. Put beeswax around the opening to seal it tight.

  The Chuebor

  The stringed instrument or “Chuebor”

  The equipment

  1. The Wood

  2. A wire or tendon.

  The construction process

  1. Cut 1 piece wood

  2. The top to make 6 perforate and sharpen a lumber to put inside.

  3. The body of string instrument takes all of lumber inside out.

  4. Put the wood to close the lumber that take the wood inside out and make a perforate around 9-10 to make a noise.

  5. Put a wire or tendon on the lumber by string in the bamboo around 6 couple.