The homeland of peacocks

In the west of Yunnan Province China, there is a beautiful piece of land, which is named Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture.

  • Climbing ladder of knives and jumping into blazing fire


      It is said that climbing knife ladder and jumping into blazing fire are traditional ceremonies to honor a Ha

  • Best men accompanying the groom to meet the...


    Best Men Accompanying the Groom with Umbrellas to Meet the Bride Two best men accompanying the groom with umbrellas to meet the bride is one of the many special and interesting customs that have been preserved till now in marriage ceremonie

  • Wedding Ceremony of Jingpo People


    Full of joy and fun, the traditional wedding ceremony of Jingpo people is held in bridegroom s home with boisterous sounds of crackers

  • Munao Zongge Dance


    Munao Zongge, the World Grandest Dance Munao Zongge means “let’s dance together” in Jingpo language

  • Climbing knife-mountain


    Climbing knife-mountain and walking into fire-sea Daogan festival is the most grand and holy traditional festival of the Lisu people

  • Customs of Achang


    Achang men tend to wear blue, white or black jackets which button down the front, although on the Lasa plain many men wear jackets with buttons toward the left side

  • Love among the Deang


    The De ang are one of the original ethnic groups of Yunnan province Marriage between a man and a woman is not allowed if two persons have the same family name The young people are free to choose their partner

  • The Dais Marriage


    Carpet-Wrapping Courting and Threading-Tying Marriage The Dai young people are actually quite free in choosing their lovers

  • Fabulous costumes of Jingpo nationality


    The costumes of Jingpo nationality are mainly classified into five series, symbolizing the five colorful mountain flowers blooming in Jingpo mountainous region of the subtropical Longchuan

  • Head Ornament Of Lisus


    Head ornament studded with love--- "Ele " The Lisus mainly inhabit mountain slope regions on either side of the Nujiang River, the Lancangjiang River and the Jinshajiang River

  • "Kuoshi" Festival and Bathing Pool Singing Gathering


    The Lisu Nationality has many festivals, such as "Kuoshi Festival ", "New Rice Festival ", "Knife Stalk Festival ", "Torch Festival ",...

  • The Famous "Husa Knife"


    "Achang knife, " which is also known as "Husa knife ", gets its name because it is made mainly in the Husa and Lasa areas of Longchuan County where many Achangs live

  • Cao Mingkuan: a Guardian of Intangible Culture


    One day in this midsummer, a chanting of “Zhe Pama and Zhe Mima” which is listed as national intangible culture heritage was performed at a small farm courtyard of Jiubao Town, Lianghe County

  • Jingpo Brocade


    As an embodiment of traditional culture, Jingpo brocade is a platform for us to learn about the history of Jingpo, their earlier living environment, the hardship of their immigration, as well as their self-dependence and persistence Brocade

  • Girdles around the Waist


    The clothing of the De ang people has its own distinctive features Men usually wear indigo or black robes buttoned on the right together with short broad trousers