The homeland of peacocks

In the west of Yunnan Province China, there is a beautiful piece of land, which is named Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture.

Deang Nationality


     Deang ethnic minority is also called Deang. Most of Deang people dwell in Zhenkang County in Lincang area and mingle into other minorities.

       Portrait & Costume

  You can recognize a Deang woman from her special beautiful waist-hoops. Red and black waist-hoops are tied around the part of the waist. The red and black hoops are made of thin bine strip, sometimes you will also see on the former half of a strip is made of thin bine strip and the second half of which is made of silver thread. When walking, the waist-hoops would flex freely with the steps. From the view of a Deang person, to wearing waist-hoops present beautiful and a woman who does not wear waist-hoops will be teased. A Deang man wraps his hair with black or white cloth. He decorates himself by wear big earbobs and silver chaplet. His trouser is short and wide. He has the custom of tattoo. Today, a Deang man has keep the same hairstyle as a Hans' man, and he has not worn heave ornaments.


  A bamboo storied-building is the common construction. A family with a courtyard is being at Dehong area. The upper floor is for residence and the nether floor is for livestock. The attached house is for firewood and other tools of pounding rice. Some families in Zhenkang area live in one big building with wide corridor. Each family lives on either side. Nowadays, some bamboo building has the same style with the Hans'.

       Daily Life

  The Deang people respect the old person and take it as a kind of virtue. In festivals, the young people will send the best food to the oldest in the village. When new paddy comes down, the junior will hold the new rice before the seniority. Only after the seniorities have some words spoken, the whole family can eat. In Water-splash Festival, the young should make the old a footbath.


  Tea is important, and heave tea deserves the reputation. The Deang people are addicted to drinking heave tea. Tealeaf is a kind of conventional present to show goodwill.


  Taboo should be careful. The quilt cannot be upside down. Caps, frock and pillow cannot be sited under arse. The stranger couldn't pat and touch the shoulders of a man. Touching a woman's wrapped hair and clothes is banned. A couple couldn't sleep in one room when lodge in a Deang's family. A reed-pipe wind instrument of Lusheng can only be played at night 'Chuang Guniang' and on holidays.