The homeland of peacocks

In the west of Yunnan Province China, there is a beautiful piece of land, which is named Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture.

Famous Frontier Town of China


Famous Frontier Town of China——Wanding, Dehong

      Situated in the south of Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture, Wanding is a port city with full-bodied tropical and subtropical landscape and brilliant border culture. Wanding is just a river and a step apart from Jiugu of Myanmar, so it has the marvelous spectacle of "two countries sharing one town".

 Wanding was not only one of the daks along the Southern Silk Way, but it is also among first batch of the national first-class ports after new China was founded. The history of Wanding maybe traced back as early as to the Han Dynasty. It belonged to Ailao area of Yizhou County in the West Han Dynasty, Yongchang County in the East Han Dynasty, Nanzhao in the Tang Dynasty, Dali in the Song Dynasty, ruled by Jinchi and other pacification commissions of Dali in the Yuan Dynasty. In the Ming and Qing Dynasty, it was governed respectively by Zhefang Subsidiary Pacification Commission and Mengmao Conciliation Commission.

 Wanding was appointed as township in 1932. In 1952, approved by the state council, it was appointed as a county-level town. In January 1985, approved by the state council, Wanding City was founded. Wanding used to be well-known all over the world together with Burma Road, Yunnan-India Highway (Stillwell Highway), Southern Asian Overseas Mechanics and Chinese Expeditionary Forces. Wanding used to be gloriously recorded in history for the holding of Border Residents Get-together and the successful settlement of the border problem.

 Wanding is named as "The Place directly Irradiated by the above Sun", where there is sufficient illumination, plenty of rain, flourishing forests and various fruits all the year round. Here, miles of bamboo forest form an endless green sea; here, there are ornate ethnic and civilian cultures handed down through ages, and here are erecting the lofty and magnificent fanes and stupas. The long history, the brilliant culture, the mysterious border and the colorful sight get together and form a multicolor and dream-like world.

 In Wanding, you can see green gardens and hear pastoral everywhere, conveniently gathering the valuable memory of history. To walk into Wanding is to walk into a clean, braw and spiritual holy palace; to walk into Wanding is to walk into a great park full of multicolor charms of nature.

 Wanding is the communication center in the midst of Burma Road and Sino-India Highway (Stillwell Highway). It was the strategic pass for the Chinese Expeditionary Forces to fight hard in bloody battles against Japanese invaders in World War II.

 Wanding is the vividly practical place for carrying out the five principles of peaceful coexistence advanced by Chinese government after liberation. It was the only place where the two premiers of the two countries used to walk out and in the international diplomatic history.

 Wanding is among the first batch of the first-class national ports in new China and the golden access for China to walk up to Southeast Asia and South Asia.

 Wanding is the "living treasury" of the folk civilian culture and the "kaleidoscope" to reflect the coexistence and coordinate development of multiple cultures.

 Wanding is a natural exhibition assembled with lots rare animals and plants and a wonderful and mysterious frontier with fragrant flowers and sweet fruits all over and beautiful scenes everywhere.(Source: Management Committee of Wanding Economic Development Zone of Ruili City )