The homeland of peacocks

In the west of Yunnan Province China, there is a beautiful piece of land, which is named Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture.

  • Longjiang Dawn


    Longjiang Hydropower Station, extending from the upper reaches of Ruili River to the lower reaches of Longjiang River, is about 7 kilometers away from Zhefang Township As a cascade power station, the project will play a significant role in

  • Lingshan Temple in Longchuan County


    With its altitude achieving more than 2000 meters, Lingshan Temple, 29 kilometers away from Longchuan County, was built voluntarily in 1991 by people from all walks of life Yunpan Slope, which is the place where the temple stands, is famous

  • Snow in Dehong


    Kunming enjoyed a snowfall several days ago and the information was widely spreaded on Wechat and Weibo (Chinese Twitter) With the dropping of temperature, some cold and high mountainous areas of Dehong were also covered with a layer of sil

  • Landscape of Husa, Longchuan


    Husa, a beautiful place, is lauded as “the garden of Buddha” Although small, it is famous for its relics of Huangge ancient temple, colorful folk culture and so on Meanwhile, local products such as rice, cole, tobacco, tea, chestnut,

  • Muse


    Muse means “prosperous and bustling town” in Burmese language As a county located at the north west of Shan State, Myanmar, Muse, also national-level port of Myanmar, is a place of strategic importance

  • Lianghe “Hui Long” Tea


    Hui Long tea is famous for its dark green color, strong fragrance, endured taste, and so on The tea is mainly produced by Lianghe Huilong Ecological Tea Co , Ltd, which is located at Dachang Township, Lianghe County With its altitude achie

  • Gate Opening Festival of Dai Nationality


    On the Gate Opening Festival, Dai people, no matter young or old, will be dressed in their holiday costumes, visiting the Buddhism temples, bathing the Buddhist statue, singing and dancing together

  • Sour Papaya


    Sour papaya is a special local product of Yunnan, and Dehong is abundant with them The yellower they are, the more fragrant they will be As a popular product in Dehong, sour papayas can be used for stimulating appetite, improving looks, ea

  • The Beautiful Grand Yingjiang River


    As a river running across Yingjiang Country which lies at the western border of Yunnan, Grand Yingjiang River is graceful and charming Its two sources, one from Shuanghai and the other one from Langya Mountain, converges at the northern par

  • Mangshi River


    Mangshi River, located at the northern and western part of Mangshi, is less than 500 meters away from the downtown As the mother river of Mangshi and a convergence for several streams crossing the downtown, Mangshi River, with its wonderful

  • The Scene of One Tree


    It’s a foggy in 1990s A young man was traveling among the green fields by bike Suddenly, two lindens floating among the mist drew his attention and he took a group of pictures quickly In a place where people believe Buddhism, lindens re

  • Husa Temple Fair


    Husa Township, located at the northwest part of Longchuan County, Dehong Prefecture, borders on Yingjiang County and Myanmar Inhabited by A’chang, Lisu, Jingpo, Hui, Dai, Hai, and so on, the township is the only A’chang town in Longchua

  • Longchuan Landscape


    Huguo Town, located at the convergence of Longchuan, Yingjiang and Lianghe, is the headstream of Nanwan River, the mother river of Longchuan County Inhabited mostly by Han, Jingpo, and Lisu, the town, with its altitude reaching 1800 meters,

  • Dai Nationality’s Peacock Dance


    As the most famous traditional folk dance among Dai nationality, peacock dance is now very popular in the concentrated areas of Dai nationality, such as Ruili, Mangshi, Xishuangbanna, Mengding, Mengda, Jinggu, Cangyuan, etc

  • Beautiful Jades