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In the west of Yunnan Province China, there is a beautiful piece of land, which is named Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture.

China-Myanmar Youth Volunteer Spreads Love in Muse City


  On January 28, trucks fully loaded with philanthropic donations ran across the China-Myanmar border for a delivery to “Home of Warmth”, an orphanage in Muse City, Myanmar.

  (Abang, the boy in black, is the operator of the orphanage)

  Established in 2007, “Home of Warmth”is a privately-run orphanage and the home of 46 Burmese orphans. The compound consists of 6 wigwams situated in city suburb. China’a Ruili City is just on the other side of the river flowing by.

  “We want to thank all the donors in China. These donations help us a lot.”Abang, the 26-year-old owner of the orphanage, told the reporter with a smile on his face.

  (kids in the orphanage)

  (recreation center)


  ("family photo" on the wall)

  (simply-equipped classroom)

  (yard for drying clothes)

  According to Yin Jiawei, the secretary of the Communist Youth League(CYL) in Ruili City, the China-Myanmar Youth Volunteer Service Team for Friendship was set up in November of 2014 to help those people in need on both sides of the border. This activity was initiated for the purpose of boosting communication between youths of the two countries, based on the mutual agreement of the CYL in Ruili and local Red Cross Society in Myanmar.

  The donation to help “Home of Warmth” is a kick-off of the activities in Myanmar for the China-Myanmar Youth Volunteer Service Team. “We have been preparing this event for a long time and receiving colossal donation from many people.”Mr. Yin said as quoted by the news agency. Major part of the donation came from China, which includes clothes, quilts, rice and cooking oil.

  “We hope to broaden the communication of both sides through activities like this. Our friends on the other side of the border also need love and care.”Mr. Yin said. Furthermore, he wished to see more people join in the event to help the love of community prevail in two nations.

  (Abang singing together with the kids)

  Ruili City of China and Muse City of Myanmar are closely connected geographically, ethnologically and culturally. People living on the border areas share much in common in terms of their languages and cultures. The friendship have been strong through centuries. Muse is the national port of Myanmar and an economic cooperation pilot zone for the nation’s opening-up to China. Ruili, on the other side, is the trailblazer of China’s “economic bridgehead”policy and the experimental zone in developing the frontier region. Meanwhile, Ruili also serves the role of a platform for China- Myanmar trade and cultural exchange.