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In the west of Yunnan Province China, there is a beautiful piece of land, which is named Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture.

16 Private Kindergartens Jointly Gaurantee the Security of School Transportation



The tragedy happened in Zhengning, Gansu Province a few days ago have torn numerous Chinese people’ hearts into pieces. That car accident claims 21 young lives. To avoid any repeat of that kind of misery, the Department of Traffic and Transportation of the Bureau of Public Security of Mangshi City and the local Administration of Education host a feature conference with the attendance of all the persons in charge of every private kindergarten in this city. A working plan to prevent any school car accident is laid out clearly at the conference. Further more, administrators of 16 private kindergartens all sign their name up in a special letter of commitment pointing at ensuring the security of school transportation.

Administrators of local private kindergartens experess their solid attitude in forestalling any illegitimate school transportation and show their willingness to cooperate with the Departmant of Traffic and Tanspotation.

In the following paper of resposibilities jointly signed by all administrators of local priviate kindergartens, specific refulations are listed and r strict conpliance is equired.

Starting from now, the Department of Traffic and Transportation will carry out a large scale movement to check the lurking perils in traffic around schools and help to raise the awareness of students, teachers as well as parents of traffic security. To assisting this movement, media will collaborate with the traffic polices in pubilicizing those uncertificated vans that pick up students after school. All the departments and administrations participating in this movement collectively vow to give a hard crack on illegal school transportation.

Many citizens show their concern over the issue of illegitimate school transportation and hope those measures taken will play an effective role in protecting the children’s safety.