The homeland of peacocks

In the west of Yunnan Province China, there is a beautiful piece of land, which is named Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture.

The Third Meeting of The Forum of Trade and Commerce between Yunnan Province of


The Third Meeting of The Forum of Trade and Commerce between Yunnan Province of P.R. China and the Union of Myammar opens on December 7th in Ruili City, the national key economic pilot zone.

This forum is co-hosted by the Provincial Chamberl of Industry and Commerce of Yunnan and the Confedarative Association of Industry and Commmerce of the Union of Myammar. The Provincial Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Yunnan, the Research Center of Development of Yunnan Provincial Government and the local government of Ruili City is responsible for undertaking this forum.

The Forum of Trade and Commerce is oriented around the issue of “Grasping Oportunities and Facing Challenges in a New Era of Trading and Commercial Cooperation between Yunnan Province and the Union of Myammar" . All the experts attending the forunm will share their views and visions on accelarating the bordering cooperation bewteen China’s bordering trading zones and Myammar’s special economic regions, the standarization of cross-boder investments, and on strengthening the political priority for more convenient bodering trade and enhancing the financial service for bordering business.

On Febraury 1st of 2007, the Yunnan Provincial Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Myammar Confederative Association of Industry and Commerce have signed the agreement of ETEC to promote business cooperation and deepen mutual understanding. Therefore, based on consensus,  the two sides can boost the bordering trade, seek the best solutions for problems in cooperations and explore further possibilities for future collaboration. The success of the previous two meetings have aliready shown fruitful results in promoting cooperations. It is strongly believed that with the convening of the third meeting, the bordering business between Yunnan and Myammar will take greater strides steadily forward.