The homeland of peacocks

In the west of Yunnan Province China, there is a beautiful piece of land, which is named Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture.

The Second Mangshi International Coffee Festival Opens on 8th Jan.




On January 8th, the two-day Mangshi International Coffee Festival celebrates its second year with a grand opening ceremony held in Mangshi City. Coffee manufacturers from all over the world and local coffee lovers gather in the city of Mangshi to enjoy the feast of aromatic coffee.


This year, in accordance with the city’s new image as “the city with flora, the capital of coffee”, the Second Mangshi International Coffee Festival is aimed at revealing the attractive stories of coffee making and offer people joyful experience while enjoying the coffee. The Hogood Coffee Company, the main organizer of this festival, schedules the event with abundant activities like the free coffee sampling and the coffee workshop tour.


At the opening ceremony, Li Lei, the secretary of Prefectural Party Committee of Dehong stresses the importance of coffee enterprises as one of the key ecological industries in Dehong. Along with lemon and nut industries, coffee manufacture will become the power house of local economy. He hopes that Dehong will build closer connection with the world through coffee and impress the world with the aroma of Dehong coffee.


The president Of Hogood Coffee expresses his vision of Mangshi Coffee Festival. He views this event as a platform for exchanging and sharing in coffee cultures of different regions. Meanwhile, this festival will pave the road for Yunnan coffee industry to establish its international prestige.

During the festival, Hogood Coffee invites guests and local people to visit their factory and their coffee plantation park in Guanyin Mount. Those visitors can have an fabulous experience of collecting, baking, grinning the coffee beans and enjoying the coffee made by themselves.



Currently, the coffee plantation in Dehong covers an area of 150,000 ares ( about 3706.5 acres) and accounts for 30% of the total coffee plantation in China. It is also the biggest coffee cultivation zone of China. Hogood Coffee Company, a national and provincial key enterprise in agriculture, has already successfully launched its products in more than 20 countries and regions globally.


In the afternoon of January 8th, Hogood Coffee signs an agreement of cooperation with the Korean Coffee Cupper Company and the Yunnan Xiaoguan Electronic Commerce Company to build a large e-commerce platform of coffee industry. Through this platform, customers and business partners can have easy access to the latest news and trends in coffee industry. At the same time, Hogood Coffee have reached deals on annual 3,000 tons of coffee production with three enterprises in Yunnan. Those deals are now under the approval procedure and expected to be put into practice at the end of this year.