The homeland of peacocks

In the west of Yunnan Province China, there is a beautiful piece of land, which is named Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture.

16.8 Billion RMB to be Invested in Ruili Bay-a High Grade Holiday Resort



                                                        The commencement ceremony

  The first resort hotel of Ruili-Bay International Holiday Resort Project which is one of the key projects appointed by provincial government will start to be constructed on October 1. The hotel will be built as a high-grade holiday resort hotel with international and over-five-star standards.

  Huangyi, a member of Yunan Provincial Standing Committee attended the commencement ceremony, and Liuping, vice governor of Yunnan, announced the commencement of the project.

  Meanwhile, leaders from Dehong government including Wang Junqiang, Tang Wenxiang, Yu Mayue, Meng Biguang etc. also attended the commencement ceremony. Liu Wusan, vice governor of Dehong, put forward some requirements for the construction.

  As one part of Ruili-Bay International Holiday Resort Project, the hotel covers 530 mu, with about 400 rooms and a total investment of 1 billion RMB. Ruili Jingcheng Group, the developer of the project, is now negotiating with Hilton Hotel, planning to introduce their high-grade brand for trusteeship management and then making a genuine resort hotel with international standards.

  In future, the project will be integrated with Jingcheng Dihai Holiday Resort Center, Sleepless Beach City of Ruili River, Ruins Garden of Dai Palace, and Ecology & Tourism Center of Ruili River, forming a tourism zone along Ruili river, which will boost tourism upgrading in Ruili and even Dehong.

  In order to make Ruili-Bay a high-grade holiday resort, Jingcheng Group entrusted the world-class design organization WATG with the planning as well as designing of the project.

  At the time of completion, the project, which consists of three international resort hotels with a over-five-star standard,a luxury tourism zone and a commercial zone, will become an excellent and landmark project in Dehong and even Yunnan.