The homeland of peacocks

In the west of Yunnan Province China, there is a beautiful piece of land, which is named Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture.

Provincial Agriculture Development Spot Meeting Held in Mangshi



On November 6th, the Yunnan Provincial Winter Agriculture Spot Meeting was held in the capital city of Dehong prefecture, Mangshi. A summary was made on the achievements and experience during the past decade of agriculture development in the province, existing problems were discussed and plans were devised to organize the agricultural production in the early spring next year.

Kong Chuizhu, vice provincial governor addressed at the meeting with the emphasis on strengthening measures and underlining effectiveness in order to forge a new level of agriculture development.

Through ten years’ development, Yunnan’s agriculture industry has made many breakthroughs in terms of area, production volume, width and depth as well as scale and benefits. Vegetables harvested in winter and early spring, like the winter potato, in Yunnan are popular both home and abroad. The winter aromatic tobacco leaves is the exclusive product in Yunnan. Yunnan is famous for plateau agriculture in warm regions and explores a new path for plateau agriculture. After years’ of experiments, a successful mode to promote characteristic plateau agriculture is established to assure the supply of agricultural products, grain increases in both grain output and rural income and stably fast economic growth.



Mr. Kong remarked that 10 years of exploration and persevering efforts led to huge accomplishments in winter agriculture development, to a solid foundation for the modernization in agriculture sector, consecutive grain production growth in 10 years and incessant advances in agricultural revenue.

As the winter has already begun, the winter crops enters a crucial phase of seed-sowing and planting. Mr. Kong asked all the relative departments to carry out the working plan with the orientation on market and foothold at industrialization. The future goal is consolidate the effective supply of agricultural products and the increase in rural income. Stress is attached to the development of characteristic preponderant crops including winter vegetables, winter potato, winter rape and sweet corn. The exploited area will reach 24.5 million mu (1633, 333hectare) with a total output value over 30 billion RMB. At the same time, the income of farmers in projects-covered area will exceed 1,100 RMB per capita.

In order to push forward and attain the goals of provincial winter agricultural production, Mr. Kong stressed the importance of following work: expanding the winter agriculture industrial cluster in accordance with the general production plan; ensuring the crop-cultivation procedures are completed in a timely and orderly fashion; securing the financial support to winter agriculture and technological support in high-yield cultivation techniques; constructing agricultural bases to raise the effectiveness and level of winter agriculture development; establishing quality brands and improve industrial management; enhancing the quality control in agriculture products and developing new markets for winter agricultural products.


Representatives from Lincang City, Baoshan City, Dali Prefecture, Mangshi City, Yuanmou County and MenghaiCounty attended the meeting and exchanged experience of local winter agriculture development.

In the morning, all the participants visited the sweet corn cultivation base in Fengping Village, modernized tobacco agriculture base and Xuangang winter potato field to learn the current development of winter agriculture in Mangshi City.