The homeland of peacocks

In the west of Yunnan Province China, there is a beautiful piece of land, which is named Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture.

Doctors from Shanghai Assist the Medical Development of Mangshi



  Over the past few years, medical services of Mangshi People’s Hospital have been improved tremendously, thanks to the assistance of doctors from Shanghai. A few days ago, the signing ceremony concerning the second-round coordinated cooperation between Shanghai First People’s Hospital and Mangshi People’s Hospital was held, followed by the official start of the cooperation.

  In recent years, there are six groups of medical teams from Shanghai First People’s Hospital, one after another, coming to Mangshi People’s Hospital to provide helps in internal department, surgical department, gynaecology department, ophthalmonogy department, anesthesiology department and so on. After the first round of three years’ assistance, service quality of Mangshi People’s Hospital such as in-patient, surgery and so on has been improved significantly now. In addition, new medical treatments including electronic gastroscopy, laparoscopic cholecystectomy, dynamic ECG and so forth can now be operated independently and skillfully in the hospital. Furthermore, 33 doctors from Mangshi People’s Hospital had also been arranged to further their study in Shanghai First People’s Hospital, which makes the overall medical treatment of Mangshi People’s Hospital improved greatly.

  With the start of the second round of coordinated cooperation, Mangshi People’s Hospital, under the help of Shanghai First People’s Hospital, is going to set up two key departments, namely digestive endoscopy center and pathologic diagnosis center. Meanwhile, Shanghai First People’s Hospital will also set up a long-distance medical system to improve the service of Mangshi People’s Hospital through long-distance diagnosis, consultation, pathology, teaching, training and so on, in hope of making the hospital achieve a higher standard and afford patients better services.