The homeland of peacocks

In the west of Yunnan Province China, there is a beautiful piece of land, which is named Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture.

  • Results Announced for “Talented Carpenter” Competition on 15th


    After days of estimation, the results of the Talented Carpenters Red Sandalwood Furniture and Root-Carving Competition were finally out on April 15th in Ruili, Dehong This is the first time for the city to hold such a wood-carving competit

  • “Hand in Hand” Soiree held at Riverside Square in Ruili


    A soiree, titled with Hand in hand, was brought by the Peninsula Band from Chongqing and artists in Ruili at the Riverside Square on the bank of the Ruili River at the dusk of April 14 th Brilliant performances, including songs I Love Yo

  • Dai Ethnic Musical “The Hero: Dao Anren” Debuted on 10th


    Dai EthnicMusical The Hero: Dao Anren gave its first public performance in Mangshi in theevening of April 10th Dao Anren, was patriotic hero leading his folks in the fight against foreign invasion In 1913, Mr Dao passed way from illness

  • Dehong Foreign Language Training Center Opened


    A meeting for exchanging and sharing experiences in foreign language education was held in Mangshis city square on March 25 th Meanwhile, the meeting signaled the establishment of the foreign language training center in Dehong The meetin

  • Reconstruction Progress Briefing Held in Yingjiang


    In the morning of March 7 th , the media briefing on the post-earthquake reconstruction was held in Yingjiang County by local party committee and local government Chen Hao, the director of provincial department of publicity of Yunnan, Wei

  • New “Hongkang Reading Room” Opened in Luogang Elementary School


    Back in 2011, Xiong Yun, the director and founder of the first private hospital in Lianghe County, made a donation of 10,000 Yuan to set up a reading room for pupils of Luogang Elementary School in Mangdong Village, Lianghe County This yea

  • “Brightness Project” Brings Light to 1 Thousand Patients.


    The arrangement conference for the Brightness Project was held on March 2nd by the prefectural government, which indicated the beginning of this project that would benefit 1,000 patients with cataract It also signaled the start of a prefec

  • Land Expropriation in Long-Rui Highway Construction Commenced


    Starting from March 1st, land expropriation and settlement work was carried out in adherence with the construction plan of Longling-Ruili Highway At the commencement conference, the importance of this highway was stressed by the government

  • The Establishment of the Association of Hulusi and Bawu on March 6th


    The Dehong Association of Hulusi and Bawu was founded on March 6 th , with Gong Jiaming elected to be the chairman (Mr Gong, chairmanof the association) As Hulusi and Bawu were two of the most representative traditional musical instrument

  • "Learn From Comrade Lei Feng" Campaign In Dehong


    This year marks the 49th year since Chairman Mao made the Learn from Comrade Lei Feng inscription in 1963 Local government of Dehong prefecture made a general draft to organize this years Learn from comrade Lei Feng campaign with the aim o

  • Full-implementation of Nutrition-enhancement Project in Jinghan Village


    Started from March 1 st , the nutrition-enhancement projectwas implemented in all middle and elementary schools in Jinghan village, Dehong prefecture This project would provide pupils with eggs and milk in their daily meals Authorized foo

  • Mangshi was Awarded with “National Double-Support Model City ”


    In the awarding ceremony of National Double-Support Cities(Counties) held in Beijing Peoples Great Hall on Feb 27, Mangshi was awarded with the title of National Double-Support City, a great honor for all the local citizens Ma Chaofu, the

  • Mangshi’s New City Expansion Project into the Western Mountainous Area


    (new city construction area in red shadow) According to the information provided by the bureau of housing and rural-urban development, Mangshi City will soon launch its first construction project, involving a land acquisition of 3,000 mu (

  • Longchuan Opened Its First Farmer Field School


    On Feb 10th, Longchuans bureau of agriculture set up a Farmer Field School for local peasants, with the purpose to equip more local peasants with certain agricultural expertise and management skills After evaluating the comprehensive qual

  • Culture-aid Program Revitalized Local Villages


    In the dusk of Feb 23, villagers of Xiangcaitang in Mengga town gathered in the village square and joined in the entertainment event which was held daily there Dong Xiuli from Dehong Normal School, as one of the the volunteers of the cult