The homeland of peacocks

In the west of Yunnan Province China, there is a beautiful piece of land, which is named Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture.

  • “Campus Safety” Promotion Week in Yingjiang County


    In the afternoon of Feb 22th, a lecture on traffic safety was held in the second middle school by the traffic police department of the bureau of public security The lecture was attended by more than 1,000 students and faculty members Wit

  • Veteran of Chinese Expeditionary Force Returned to Yunnan- Burma Road


    (Wu Shengyun, the third from left) In the morning of February 16 th , an old man wearing a piece of distinguishable military decoration appeared at the Wanding Port, which attracted many peoples attention The old man stood in front of the

  • Local Tour of 47 Jingpo Beauties


    After finishing the 2012 International Jingpo Beauty Competition held in Dehong Prefecture, the 47 contestants from different countries together made a tour to the main cities in the prefecture on February 7th, experiencing the unique local

  • National Nutrition-enhancement Project Benefits Local Students


    According the news released by prefectural government, the nutrition-enhancement project will start in March this year With the project, 108 schools with a student number of 35,925 will be subsidized with more than 20 million Yuan of natio

  • New Buses Came to Mangshi


    Recently, some new buses running on streets in Mangshi City had drawn citizens attention These new buses were purchased by the Mangshi Public Automobiles Company to afford better services to local people This purchase is designated to inc

  • Conference of National Jewelers Association held in Ruili


    The 2012 Joint- Conference of Secretary-genarals of National Jewelers Association was held between February 10th to 12th in Ruili, the oriental city of gem Liu Wusan, a member of the Prefectural Standing Committee of CPC, Yang Yueguo, a me

  • The Curtian Fell for the 2012 Dehong Inter’ Jingpo Dance and Song Festival


    With the end of the jubiliant evening of the Award Presenting Ceremony which held in the Mangshi Stadium in February 7th as the final part of the festa, the curtian of the three-day 2012 Dehong International Jingpo Dance and Song Festival f

  • Results of 2012 Inter’ Jingpo Beauty Competition Out in 6th.


    In the final round of the 2012 International Jingpo Beauty Competion held in Mangshi Stadium in the evening of February 6th, contestants from Myanmar and Longchuan county of Dehong took the title In the final competition, 47 ladies made al

  • New World Records in Dehong International Jingpo Dance and Song Festival


    The most essential parts of 2012 Dehong International Jingpo Dance and Song Festival (Munao Zongge Festival), the Jingpo Blade Dance performed by one thousand dancers and 2012 and the Munao Zongge Dancing Parade participated by more than te

  • Media Focus on the Dehong International Jingpo Dance and Song Festival


    According to the infomation from the news conference of the 2012 Dehong International Jingpo Dance and Song Festival(Munao Zongge Festival 目瑙纵歌节), correspondents of more than 30 new media agencies have already arrived Mangshi City

  • The Sacred Ceremony of Jingpo Dance and Song Festival in Mangshi Square


    The establishment of the Holy Columns (Munao Shidong目瑙示栋) and the consecration of sacred bulls are the two most imortant parts of the Jingpo Dnace and Song Festival( Jingpo Munao Zongge Festival) The new Holy Columns designated for

  • Highlights in Dehong International Jingpo Dance and Song Festival


    February 5th marks the openning of 2012 Dehong International Jingpo Dance and Song Festival, which is the greatest celebration of Jingpo ethnic group in Dehong Prefecture The festival starts with the eye-catching performances in the 2012 I

  • The Final of Dehong Jingpo Blade Dance Competition Staged in Mangshi Square


    The evening of january 30th witnessed the exciting moment of the final round of Dehong Jingpo Blade Dance Competition of 2012 After some fierce rivalries, the solo dance Rythm of blade brought by Yingjiang team and the group dance Blade ho

  • The 2012 China-Myanmar Young Singers’ Concert Held im Wanding City


    Aimed at rpoviding more cultural entertainments to the youths that live in the border areas between China and Myanmar, the 2012 China-Myanmar Young Singers Concert was held in the city cinema by the Wanding Working Committee of the local Co

  • Experts Provided Suggestions for Dehong Tobacco Industry


    On January 7th, a group of experts organized by the Yunnan Tobacco Company gathered to conduct a analysis on the feasibility of the plan for developing the strategic reservation base of flue-cured tobacco in Dehong After having heard the r