The homeland of peacocks

In the west of Yunnan Province China, there is a beautiful piece of land, which is named Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture.

Demonstrating beautiful and ecological Dehong through images


  On the morning of August 18, the contract signing ceremony of “ Natural Images of China——Beautiful and Ecological Dehong”, a program aimed to promote the image of Dehong, is held in Mangshi. According to the contract, the program is to be officially launched in late October or early November.

  It is learned that a one-year photography activity named “natural photographers from China and abroad gathering in Dehong” is to be held. The camera crew is to provide 3000 copies of photographic works and 50 one-minute video clips which theme on “ Wild Dehong, Intelligent Dehong,Mysterious Dehong and Beautiful Dehong ”. The works and video clips are to cover the topics of animal, bird, reptile, fish, insect, plant, typical habitat and harmony between human beings and nature. At the same time, the camera crew is to apply the photographic materials in the picture album Green Treasure-house•Beautiful and Ecological Dehong, which is to be published 5000 volumes.

  Zhao Yunshan, deputy director of Publicity Department of Dehong and director of International Publicity Office of Dehong maintains, “ During his survey in Yunnan, Secretary General Xi Jinping required that Yunnan attach more emphasis on the protection of ecological environment and take a lead in ecological civilization construction. In order to promote Dehong, major media groups home and abroad and media groups specialized in ecology are to track and report the activities of the program. The program targets to pace up ecological civilization construction in Dehong.

  “Dehong is a pearl not totally unearthed”, says Chen Jianwei, vice chairman of China Wildlife Conservation Association, a member of China Green Carbon Foundation, chairman of China Ecological Photography Association and former vice director of Wildlife Conservation Department in Ministry of Forestry. He also says , “In order to acquaint more people with beautiful and ecological Dehong through images, we bring the program to Dehong and get close to conservation area, forest and the house of common people. ”

  The contract signing ceremony “Natural Images of China —Beautiful and Ecological Dehong”

                              Xie Jianguo presents digital camera

  “ At present, Dehong boasts of unparalleled ecology throughout the country. One can even see animals while walking." , says Xie Jianguo, the director of Beijing Feixiangshiye Culture and Media Limited Company. He also says, “ In the early stage, we made investigation on the species time after time. The diversity of wildlife in Dehong tops in the country, especially that of the abundant birds. Yingjiang County in Dehong is honored as International Bird-watching Golden Delta. The reason we pool photos and video clips is that we hope in the future Dehong can be exposed to the world as a beautiful and ecological place in a more convincing way. ”