The homeland of peacocks

In the west of Yunnan Province China, there is a beautiful piece of land, which is named Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture.

The First Yunnan Youth Games closes in Mangshi


  On the evening of August 21, The First Yunnan Youth Games comes to a close in gymnasium of Dehong Sport Center.

  In the 10-day games, 1408 athletes from 25 delegations participate in 11 major events and 180 minor terms. They brave the hardship, pursue their dreams and perform well in the games, displaying sportsmanship, friendship, the unique charm of Yunnan sports and the beauty of Yunnan teenagers. From the moment the torch is lighted, everyone experiences the excitement and surprise in sports.

        Leaders of organizing committee present medals for top 8 delegation

  209 gold medals, 170 silver ones and 178 bronze ones are awarded in the games. Mangshi, Panlong District, Guandu District, Zhaoyang District, Simao District, Xishan District and Longyang District are the top 8 on the medal tally. Athletes from Mangshi stand out in weight-lifting, volleyball, gymnastics, track and field, swimming and so on, bagging 34.5 gold medals, 24 silver ones and 19 bronze ones and ranking first on the medal tally.

 He Chikang, the chairman of the organizing committee of First Yunnan Youth Games and director of Yunnan Sports Bureau maintains, “The good order , smooth operation and timely report and broadcast of the events fully demonstrate the purpose of the games,making the sport meeting splendid, passionate, successful and unforgettable ." At the closing ceremony, the Sportsmanship Award list is announced and the award is presented.

                               Presenting Sportsmanship Awards

  It is worth mentioning that the selfless and dedicated 500 or so volunteers make much contribution to the games through enthusiastic and considerate services. They become a beautiful scenery at the sport meeting. At the closing ceremony, representative of athletes present bouquets for representatives of volunteers to express their appreciation.

  Representatives of athletes express appreciation to representatives of volunteers

  All the institutions of the organizing committee fulfill their duties, holding a splendid, passionate, economical and unforgettable sports meeting. One important agenda of the closing ceremony is to present souvenir to the organizer, Mangshi Government.

The organizing committee presents a souvenir to Mangshi government

  The secretary of Mangshi Party Committee, Zhao Dongmei maintains, “We will seize the opportunity of the sports meeting, attach more emphasis to education, technology, culture and sports and increase investment in these sectors.The sound and all-round development of teenagers will motivate the city toaccomplish the goal ofbuilding a moderately prosperous society in all respectswhich is in step with the province and the country. It will also propel the city toachieve the Two Centenary Goals and realizethe Chinese Dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. ”

  The next youth games is to be held in Kaiyuan City in Honghe Prefecture.

  At the closing ceremony, the handing-over ceremony of the flags of the games is held. Mao Xiao, the acting mayor of Mangshi, hands over the flag to He Chikang, the director of Yunnan Sports Bureau, who then pass the flag on to Wu Shixiong, the mayor of Kaiyuan. The handing-over ceremony of the flag means that the second Yunnan youth games is to be held four years later in Kaiyuan City in Honghe Prefecture, which is known as “a pearl in the south of Yunnan”.

  He Chikang passes the flag of the games on to Wu Shixiong, the mayor of Kaiyuan

  At the performance of the closing ceremony, such ethnic dances as Homeland of Peacocksand The Smile of Jingpo Girland Latin dance Dancing Dehong all display the cultural charm of Dehong. In addition, taekwondo stunts co-performed by National Taekwondo Tour Group and Dehong Taekwondo Association perfectly illustrates the sportsmanship of braving difficulties and challenging oneself.

  At the end of the party, accompanied by the vigorous drumbeat of the Jingpo people, the guests, referees, athletes and audience swarm into the center and join the Munaozongge dance , immersed in the happiness of wishing each other good luck.

  An unforgettable night