The homeland of peacocks

In the west of Yunnan Province China, there is a beautiful piece of land, which is named Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture.

A Meeting on Poverty Relief Campaign in Dehong Held in Mangshi


  A meeting on poverty relief campaign in Dehong is held in Mangshi on March 29. At the meeting, Wang Junqiang, secretary of CPC Dehong Committee, requires that efforts be made in analyzing the existing problems, adopting problem-oriented approach , taking targeted and precise measures and ensuring that every task be completed on schedule.

  The attendees of the meeting focus on the ideas put forward at the 2017 Yunnan Provincial Meeting on Combating Poverty. Leaders from different counties make report on poverty relief work, focusing on the existing problems and the plans for the future work. Leaders from such prefectural departments as Development and Reform Commission, Civil Affair Bureau, Financial Bureau and Poverty Relief Office propose solution to the existing problems in poverty relief campaign.

  Gong Jingzheng, deputy secretary of CPC Dehong Committee also the governor of Dehong Prefecture emphasizes that the poverty relief campaign is a significant political task and livelihood project. He calls for joint effort in analyzing the existing problems, overcoming the weak points and ensuring effective achievement.

  Wang Junqiang calls for attention on the annual aim of the poverty relief campaign, joint effort in fulfilling the goals, and effective achievement of each task. He urges departments at different levels attach great emphasis to the unnegletable problems and take problem-oriented approach. He also demands an in-depth study of generalsecretary Xi Jinping’s strategies on combating poverty. Joint efforts should be made in targeting poverty relief, overcoming difficulties, making steady progress, establishing sustained systems and generating impetus for development. Poverty relief must be based on cultivating industry, which would provide outlet for the campaign.

  Among other attendees are He Ruli, deputy secretary of CPC Dehong Committee, Zouqiang, member of Standing Committee of Dehong Prefectural Committee of CPC also the political commissioner of Dehong Garrison Command, Ma Yunfeng, member of Standing Committee of Dehong Prefectural Committee of CPC , deputy secretary of Workers’ Committee in Ruili Experimental Zone also secretary of CPC Ruili Committee.