The homeland of peacocks

In the west of Yunnan Province China, there is a beautiful piece of land, which is named Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture.

The Launching Ceremony of the Key Projects in the First Quarter Held


  The launching ceremony for the key construciton projects in the first quarter of the year is held on March 30. The activity sets its main venue in the construction site of Mangshi-Lianghe Expressway and other venues in Ruili, Longchuan and Yingjiang.

   In recent years, under the leadership of Yunnan Provincial Committee of CPC and Yunnan Provincial Government, Dehong seizes the golden opportunity and strides forward, pushing the construction of railway, expressway and general-purpose airport. At the launching ceremony in the main venue, Gong Jingzheng , deputy secretary of Dehong Prefectural Committee of CPC also governor of Dehong, says among the 14 projects launched are Mangshi-Lianghe Expressway, Longlin Thoroughfare in Ruili, municipal roads in Longchuan ,school infrastructure in the period of balanced development of compulsory education in Yingjiang and so forth. The ceremony manifests the confidence and resolution of Dehong Prefectural Committee of CPC and Dehong Government in making every effort to maintain an upstanding start and stable growth.

  As an important project in mid-and-long term planning of Yunnan’s expressway network, Mangshi-Lianghe Expressway serves as a shortcut linking several ports in Yunnan. It is also the last part of expressway network in Dehong. The expressway benefits border area in Yunnan, the expressway network and defense of Dehong. Linked with the already finished Longling-Ruili Expressway and the under-construction Tengchong-Longchuan Expressway, the highway is to shorten mileage of Mangshi-Lianghe and Mangshi-Yingjiang respectively by 41 kilometers and 60 kilometers, forming a one-hour economical circle in Dehong and boosting social and economic development.

  Mangshi-Lianghe Expressway starts from Huyu in Mangshi, links with the already finished G56 Hangzhou-Ruili Expressway and the starting point of the proposed Manghsi-Menglian Expressway. Going through Mangjiu, Daxinzhai, Datuanpo,Mengyang,Shimenkan, Zhangba, Xiaoxinzhai,the highway ends in Qiaotou Village in Lianghe County and connects with Tengchong-Longchuan Expressway. The bi-directional four-lane highway is 75.56 meters long and 25.5 meters wide. The main route spans 68.39 kilometers and feeder road 7.17 meters. The expressway sets a speed limit of 80 kilometers/per hour. The total investment is estimated to be 10.659 billion yuan.

  According to related information, total investment of the 14 projects hits 12.303 billion yuan, with 1.079 billion yuan to be completed within this year. Gong Jingzheng demands that different departments at all levels fulfill their duties and shoulder their responsibilities to ensure safety and quality of the projects. He also requires that the high-standard projects be completed on time.

  Wang Junqiang, secretary of CPC Dehong Committee declares the launching of the projects at the ceremony. Gong Jingzhen, He Ruli, Pan Yueping, He Yong, Wang Xingcai, Yang Shizhuang, Fang Sheng and other leaders lay foundation for the projects.

  Among the 500 attendees at the launching ceremony in the main venue are leaders from every county, persons-in-charge from relevant departments, leaders from the townships through which the expressway passes, directors of designing and construction organizations and representatives from various ethnic groups.