The homeland of peacocks

In the west of Yunnan Province China, there is a beautiful piece of land, which is named Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture.

Conference on Contemporary Literature of Minority Ethnic Groups held in Mangshi


  On May 18, Conference on Contemporary Literature of Minority Ethnic Groups is held in Mangshi. About 50 people,including experts and scholars in the literature field from all over the country and writers in Dehong, attend the conference.

  Malaqinfu, thehonorary member and former deputy secretary of Chinese Writers' Association also the honorary director of Chinese Minority Ethnic Groups Literature Committee , Wure’ertuthe honorary president of Inner Mongolia Writers' Association and the director of Chinese Minority Ethnic Groups Literature Committee, Azhati Sulitan,the former president of Xinjiang Federation of Literary and Artistic Arts, the honorary president of Writers' Association and the deputy director of the Chinese Minority Ethnic Groups,Jing Yi,the former director of China National Audiovisual Publishing House, and the deputy director of the Chinese Minority Literature Committee and other leaders and experts attend the meeting and take seats on the rostrum.

  Hou Sheng, a member of the Standing Committee of CPC Dehong Prefectural Committee, the director of Publicity Department, the secretary general of CPC Dehong Prefectural Committee, Ban ai’guo, vice chairman of the standing committee of Dehong Perfectural People’s Congress, Yang Shizhuang, the deputy governor of Dehong,Yang Liyun, the vice chairwoman of CPPCC Dehong Perfectural Committee attend the meeting and took seats on the rostrum. The meeting is chaired by Azhati Sulitan.

  Hou Sheng maintains at the opening ceremony that in recent years, Dehong has thoroughly applied general secretary Xi Jingping’s important spirit conveyed on the symposium on arts and literature, the 10th Congress of the Chinese Literary Federation and the 9th Congress of China’s Writer’s Committee, and greatly enhanced the fine arts in the border area. The number of literary works has raised constantly, with its level greatly improved. A group of local young writers have made great achievement. Dehong, with its long history and colorful national customs, has become a land of the inspiration for literature and arts. He expresses his hope that the majority of literary and art workers regard this as a turning point and the driving force to strengthen the exchanges with the China Writers’Committeeand writers so as to make a positive contribution to the flourish of Dehong's literature and art.

  Malaqinfu maintains that the development of ethnic minority literature should be based on the guidance of the theory. A series of important speeches by general secretary Xi Jinping endownew spiritual power for the creation of minority literature. We must live up to general secretary’s expectation on art and literature. The skills of art take a long, huge-amount and systematic study. We should calm down to think about its meaning, make literary and art workers to become truly qualified engineers and become an important force to achieve the Chinese dream.

  Wureertu maintains that for minority ethnic group literary creators, “insisting the culture confidence” is not only a theory that individuals should obey but also a realm that deserves practice and efforts.As literary writers, we should have sober historical consciousness, profound national emotion and we should have capacity on our own national culture, so as to make literature shining confidently with culture.

  It’s learned that Dehong literature and art works have become spotlights in promoting local image, maintaining an important position in the province and even the country. Among the local works of Dehong, Southeast Mechanic and Southeast Mechanic in Dehong have earned praise among overseas Chinese abroad and at home.Large original folk song and dance dramas Dao an’ren and Munao Zongge have had been awarded national and provincial prize respectively. The film Dao an’ren successfully premieres at the 25th Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival. The Achang writer Sun Baoting has won the national minority literature “Junma" award.

  Malaqinfu, the honorary member of Chinese Writers Association, the former deputy party secretary,the honorary member of Chinese minority literature committee presents his own work to Hou Sheng.