The homeland of peacocks

In the west of Yunnan Province China, there is a beautiful piece of land, which is named Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture.

Pan Yueping: Promote China-Myanmar travel and benefit people from both countries


  From May 18 to 19, Pan Yueping, the chairman of Dehong People's Political Consultative Conference,leads the task investigation group to Ruili and Longchuan to carry out cross-border tourism investigation. The aim is to explore the basic condition, current problems and suggestions of the cross-border tourism. Pan Yueping emphasizes that we should enhance exchange and communication, jointly find solutions, promote China-Myanmarcross-border tourism, stimulate economic and social development and benefit the people of two countries.

  “As travel industries, we hope that the government departments will further clarify and simplify customs clearance procedures within permitted policy, and provide convenient access to cross-border tourism certificates and vehicles.” On the morning of May 18, the investigation group have discussion with tourism enterprises and tourism-related enterprises, and listen to some problems and suggestions from China-Myanmar cross-border tourist enterprises such as some scenic regions, hotels, restaurants and travel agencies and tourism-related departments such as tourism department, police office, foreign office, frontier defense, inspection and quarantine office. Pan Yueping points out that Myanmar is rich in tourism resources, cultural diversity, providing Dehong many advantages to carry out cross-border tourism. However, because of domestic situation of Myanmar and other objective factors, the China-Myanmar cross-border tourism is currently in a state of stagnation. The Dehong People's Political Consultative Conference organizes a special research group to carry out research on China-Myanmar cross-border tourism, carefully study the constraints,and give suggestions on China-Myanmar cross-border tourism development to form a high-quality research report for the province to effectively promote cross-border tourism. We will give full play to the function of Dehong People's Political Consultative Conference and participate in the administration and discussion of state affairs, so as to service economic and social developmentin Dehong.

  During the period, the member of the investigation group visit some scenic spots, ports and entry-exit passages in Ruili, Longchuan and Muse in Burma, investigate the tourism problems in cross-border tourism, so as to seek countermeasures to promote the tourism.

  "How do the travel procedures for tourists to Myanmar work?" "Are the customs procedures for travel vehicles complicated?" "How many visitors take one-day-tour?" Pan Yueping talks to the persons-in-charge wherever he goes, and listens to their advice and suggestions patiently. He always askes some questions while listening and thinking. He points out that cross-border tourism is a general trend in the long run. It is a very complex regional issue,which not only involves related departments and enterprises, but also covers China-Myanmar border cooperation, bilateral communication and other issues. It is our hope, the common aspiration of two peoples, the common needs of regional development to carry out cross-border travel.

  During the period, the investigation group led by Pan Yueping and Wu Sanglai(as transliteratedin Chinese Pinyin), the deputy chief executive of the local government of Muse,hold a seminar.They exchange views and reach a broad consensus on deepening the bilateral border tourism cooperation, strengthening regional tourism integration and special cooperation in tourism cooperation, enhancing bilateral tourism enterprises cooperation and other aspects.

  Pan Yueping expresses the welcome and appreciation to the delegation group of Muse.He maintains that China and Myanmar are friendly neighbors with a long-term friendship. Both Chinese and Burmese have the desire to travel on the land of each other, so there is potential and a bright future for the bilateral tourism cooperation. The Dehong-Muse border travel started earlier with extensive communication, deep connection and good relationship. The development of border tourism has led to the development of relevant industries, promoted the economic development of bilateral cities and towns, and strengthened the good neighborly and friendly relations between China and Myanmar. Bilateral governments and people have benefited a lot. He hopes to deepen bilateral tourism cooperation, establish and improve bilateral tourism meeting mechanism and information exchange mechanism, research and solve the difficulties and problems in tourism cooperation, and jointly promote the development of regional tourism for the benefit of people from both countries.

  Among those who participate in the investigation are Guan Guozhao and Zhu Qi, vice chairmen of Dehong PPCC, Yang Hong, the secretary generalof Dehong PPCC and leaders from departments related to tourism, foreign affairs, transportation, overseas Chinese federation, entry and exit administration.