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In the west of Yunnan Province China, there is a beautiful piece of land, which is named Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture.

Dehong invests 10 million to build the 105 Yard in Myanmar


                                                The assistance construction ceremony

                                                 The situation of the yard

    To speed up the economic development in China-Myanmar border area , improve the living standards of the local residents and enhance the stability, CPC Dehong Committee and Dehong Government have decided to aid the construction of 105 code yard in Myanmar, implement the site hardening project with an investment of 10 million yuan. On May 26, Dehong and Myanmar’s Ministry of Commerce hold the signing ceremony and opening ceremony of the assistance construction project in Muse,Myanmar.

  Yang Naitun (as transliterated in Chinese pinyin), the chairman of Trade Department of the Myanmar Ministry of Commerce attends the ceremony and delivers a speech. He says that China and Myanmar enjoy deep friendship, and “the Memorandum of Understanding between China's Ministry of Commerce and the Myanmar’s Ministry of Commerce on Building a China-Myanmar border economic cooperation zone”is a manifestation of the friendship between China and Myanmar. The construction of this project will boost common development for both countries and bring more tangible benefits to people of the two countries.

  Gong Jingzheng, the deputy secretary of CPC Dehong Committee also the governor of Dehong attends the opening ceremony and delivers a speech. He states that the starting up of the hardening project on 105 code trade zone symbolizes the friendly China-Myanmar cooperation and represents their co-construction of the economic cooperation zone in the border area. As important areas for the exchange between two countries, Dehong and Muse are also key points in “Belt and Road Innitiative”and the Bangladesh-China-India-Mymar Economic Corridor. Enhancing the border economic construction in Ruili - Muse will benefit the common prosperity,development, trade exchange in the border areas and improve well-beings of the local people.

  Wuminduya (as transliterated in Chinese pinyin), the director of 105 Code Commerce of Trade Department of Myanmar's Ministry of Commerce,says that the starting up of Dehong’s assistance construction on hardening project will provide them with better service condition. Based on mutual respect and equality, Ruili and Muse have offered powerful support for bilateral trade for a long time. Common development and shared prosperity are expected by people in China-Myanmar border areas.

  In the following signing ceremony, Xie Dapeng, Mayor of Ruili and Wuminduya, the director of 105 Commercial Department of the Trade Department of Myanmar’s Commerce Ministry sign for the project, and then attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Su Hongtao, deputy governor of Dehong attends the above events.

                                                    Exchange gifts

  It's reported that Dehong offers an aid totalling 10 million yuan to the site hardening project for 105 trade area in Muse. The purpose is to improve the pass speed and service quality inthe border areas, enhance the value of the imported and exported goods, and promote the investment environment of Dehong and 105 code trade areas in Muse. The project is expected to be completed at the end of December.