The homeland of peacocks

In the west of Yunnan Province China, there is a beautiful piece of land, which is named Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture.

Wang Junqiang: promote the impact of Made-in-Dehong through finer products


  On the morning of June 12, Wang Junqiang, the secretary of CPC Dehong Committee, also the secretary of the Ruili National Key Pilot Zone for Development and Opening -up makes an inspection tour in all exhibition halls of 2017 South and Southeast Asia Commodity and Investment Conference Fair, encouraging enterprises to make their brands better and strong, so as to constantly enlarge the influence of made-in-Dehong.

  In the hall of Ruili National Key Pilot Zone for Development and Opening-up, appears a line of eye-catching words, “the transmission hub, industrial base and exchange platform towards South and Southeast Asia”. Wang Junjiang carefully inquires the layout of the exhibition halls. While watching the film of the pilot zone, he fully affirms the achievements of the construction of the pilot zone and expresses his hope to take the trade fair as an opportunity to further demonstrate the image of Ruili pilot zone and expand the impact of Ruili pilot zone. At the same time, he also learns in detail about the various types of electronic products of Ruili Qisheng Electronic Technology Company Ruixi settled in the pilot zone. He encourages enterprises to bold innovation, increase research and development efforts, actively "go out" to open up the markets in Burma and South and Southeast Asia, so as to make contribution for Dehong to build import and export equipment manufacturing base towards South and Southeast Asia markets.

  In the manufacturing exhibition hall, the main cars of BAIC Ruili such as Daoda V8, Daoda K9, pure electric SUV, pure electric van logistics vehicles make tremendous debut, fully demonstrating the development momentum and vitality of the equipment manufacturing industry in Dehong. Wang Junjiang carefully asks the market positioning and advantages of various models of vehicle, encouraging enterprises to promote their own car brand, continuously enhance the ability of independent innovation, and improve the core competitiveness of enterprises.

                              Wang Junqiang and his team tour the exhibition hall of BAIC Ruili

  In the  exhibition hall of special agricultural products from plateau, 15 agriculture enterprises such as Caiyun Pipa Food Limited Company, Defeng Tea Limited Company have shown various agricultural products with decent package and good smell. Wang Junqiang asks the exhibition and selling condition while learning some information about the high-quality agriculture products of Dehong. He encourages agricultural enterprises to improve the management level constantly, pay attention to brand promotion, consolidate and enhance the special and competitive industries of Dehong, and build famous agricultural brand. During the period, Wang Junqiang inspects the travel marketing hall and the exhibition situation of Hogood coffee, Zhiwen Rosewood, etc.

  Party and government leaders Kong Legan, Ma Yunfeng, Hou Sheng, Liu Jiangyue, Liu Wusan accompany Wang Junqiang in the tour.

          Wang Junqiang and his team inspect the exhibition hall of special agricultural products from plateau