The homeland of peacocks

In the west of Yunnan Province China, there is a beautiful piece of land, which is named Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture.

Five years on : Dehong develops with full momentum


  During the past five years, under the leadership of CPC Dehong Committee and Dehong Government, people from different ethnic groups have created a new situation in economic growth, social progress, culture prosperity, harmonious relationship between ethnic groups, ecological civilization and construction of the Party.

  In the past five years, Dehong has always taken people’s pursuit of a happy life as its goal. To promote the development of border area and raise people’s living standards, Dehong has implemented eight people’s livelihood projects, performed ten things beneficial to the people every year and built several new rural communities and beautiful villages in the border area.

Pursuing the policy of openning up 

    Dehong borders Myanmar on the north, south and west, forming a 503.8-kilometer border line . Wanding and Ruili are national first-class ports while Zhangfeng and Yingjiang belong to national second-class ports. There are also Ruili Pilot Zone, Ruili Border Economic Cooperation Zone, Wanding Border Economic Cooperation Zone and Jiegao border Economic Trade Zone with special national preferential policy.

  With such advantageous postion, Dehong has achieved great progress in opening up. Equipment manufacturing industry oriented towards south Asia and Southeast Asia has enjoyed rapid development. Since its completion, Baic Ruili has turned out 150 thousand cars annually. Chongqing Motor Project which produces one million motors annually has been completed and put into operation. With a capacity of 0.5 million and a value of over 1 billion, the project has attracted more than 10 automobile and motor spare part enterprises.

  The twenty-thousand-ton production line of instant coffee of Hogood Coffee Ltd. has come into operation, becoming the largest coffee enterprise in China and the only intellectualized manufacturing enterprise in Yunnan Province.

  “Made in Ruili” has become a new force in exporting, with 800 thousand vehicles, 7 million cellphones and 40 thousand televisions exported each year.

  Together with increasingly close economic cooperation, great achievement has been scored in cultural exchange. In the past 16 years, together with Myanmar, Dehong has staged China-Myanmar Paukphaw Carnival and China-Myanmar Border Trade Exhibition. Dehong started Baobo (as transliterated in Chinese Pinyin),the only Burmese newspaper in China,and get it released in Myanmar. A bookshop has been established in Mandalay, presenting and selling Chinese, English and Burmese books published in China.

Maintaining ethnic unity 

  As one of the eight autonomous prefectures in Yunnan Province, Dehong serves as home to five ethnic minority ethnic groups, namely Dai, Jingpo, Lisu, A’chang and De’ang. The population of ethnic minorities reaches 611 thousand, accounting for 48.08% of the total population.

  Since 1983, the year in which Dehong set October for ethnic unity, the prefecture has staged a serious of activities to enhance ethnic unity and has made great achievement.

  CPC Dehong Committee and Dehong Government have creatively emloyed ethnic languages to publicize the scientific theory and policy of the Party. Other efforts have been made to promote the diverse ethnic culture including newspapers and books printed in four ethnic languages, TV programs broadcast in three ethnic languages and ethnic channel of dehong.gov.cn .

  Dehong has also reinforced its efforts in training cadres from ethnic minority groups and introduced relevant laws.

Sustaining ecogolical development  

   With 68.78% of the land covered by forest, Dehong enjoys the reputation of “Kingdom of Plants” and “Species Gene Bank”.

  To build a livable environment, Dehong has regarded ecological environment as top-quality and valuable treasures. Kongquegu Province-level Forest Park has been built. It has also applied for Rare Animals and Plants Park and Yingjang and Tongbiguan State-level Natural Reserve. Efforts have been redoubled in the construction of Yingjiang State-level Wetland Park and Ruili Rare Plants Park. 

   The past five years have witnessed Dehong’s marvelous achievement in opening-up, ethnic unity and ecological development. Based on the unprecedented changes, Dehong is to spare no effort on the way ahead.