The homeland of peacocks

In the west of Yunnan Province China, there is a beautiful piece of land, which is named Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture.

Nabang, Coraciiformes’ paradise


  Yingjiang boasts of abundant natural resources and sound ecological environment. Recent years have witnessed local residents’ growing love for birds. About ten years ago, when some enthusiastic bird watchers came to Nabang, a small town in southwest China, they discovered a variety of rare birds. Nabang instantly grew into a promising bird watching paradise, attracting numerous bird watchers.

  With unique geographical environment and an altitude of 200 meters, Nabang features great biological diversity. The discovery of many rare birds here has brought great fame to the place as ideal place for bird watching.

  Bird watching spot on Ancient Xima Route in Nabang

  Bird watching spot in Rongshuwang, Nabang

  Wetland in farmland, Nabang

  Bird lovers who have been to Nabang spot several kinds of Coraciiformes while strolling on the farmland. If they are lucky enough, they can even encounter such rare species as Pelargopsis capensis, Halcyon coromanda and Ceyx erithaca.

  Alcedo atthis (frequently seen in farmland in Nabang )

  Halcyon smyrnensis (frequently seen in farmland in Nabang )

  Pelargopsis capensis (second-grade animal under state protection, rarely seen in farmland in Nabang)

  Halcyon coromanda (rarely seen in farmland and Ancient Xima Route )

  Ceyx erithaca (rarely seen in farmland and Ancient Xima Route )

  Halcyon pileata (occasionally seen in farmland in Nabang)

  Megaceryle lugubris (frequently seen in farmland in Nabang)

  Ceryle rudis (frequently seen in farmland in Nabang)

  Nyctyornis athertoni (rarely seen on Ancient Xima Route and Rongshuwang)