The homeland of peacocks

In the west of Yunnan Province China, there is a beautiful piece of land, which is named Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture.

  • The 13th China-Myanmar Baobo Carnival Opens in Ruili


    The opening ceremony of the 13th China-Myanmar Baobo Carnival was held on October 2 in Ruili, the oriental jewelry city

  • Ruili Experimental Zone Strives to Build “State-Level” Attractions


    Information from the forum on developments of state-level key experimental zones which was held in Ruili few days ago indicated that since its establishment, Ruili Experimental Zone has been putting developments at the first place, mobilizin

  • The Biggest Domestic Coffee Germplasm Resources Center Set up in Ruili


    In Ruili which is a city located at the China-Myanmar border, five coffee varieties, with their copies reaching 352, are introduced, kept and cultivated, which makes Ruili the biggest coffee preservation and research base in China

  • Ten Projects Boost the Development of Ruili Experimental Zone


    Projects are the lifeline of economy and also the impetus to social as well economic progresses Since the establishment of Ruili Experimental Zone, Ruili government, with the support of series of preferential policies, has been fully exerti

  • Mandalay Liaison Office of Dehong Trade Association Established


    As a new progress of China-Myanmar economic cooperation, Mandalay Liaison Office of Dehong Trade Association was set up on September 9 Yu Boren, consul general of China Consulate General Mandalay, Liu Wusan, vice governor of Dehong, Su Ho

  • Economics and Trade Delegation from Dehong Promoting Ruili Experimental Zone in


    How many achievements will be obtained by Ruili Experimental Zone depends on its development thoughts as well as development extension An economics and trade delegation from Dehong, led by Liu Wusan, vice governor of Dehong, started a visit

  • Ruili: A Well-Known Oriental Jewelry City


    Ruili, located at the western border of China, is a city with deep opening and internationalization When walking around the city, you will meet businessmen from Myanmar, India, Pakistan, Nepal and so on Different kinds of jewels and precio

  • Ruili: An Important International Land Port Facing Indian Ocean


    On July 31, natural gas from Myanmar began to be delivered to China through Ruili With the development of international logistics passageway, Ruili, the biggest land port for China’s trade with Myanmar, will maintain a closer connection a

  • Ruili Jingcheng Helicopter Company Welcomes Its First Helicopter


    After about 20 minutes’ flying from Mangshi Airport, a Sikorsky S-92A helicopter, which is able to carry 19 passengers, arrived at Daoba Helipad which is located at Mengxiu Town of Ruili The construction preparations of Ruili Jingcheng He

  • Ruili Airlines to Start Flights in 2014


    On the evening of August 15, a procurement agreement was signed between Boeing Company, Airberlin, and Ruili Airlines which will purchase 18 airliners and is due to start flights at the year of 2014

  • The First Dehong Games Closes Successfully


    On the evening of August 14, the first Dehong Games, which has lasted 6 days, ended successfully at Dehong Sports Center Themed with “Beautiful New Dehong• Vital Dehong Games”, the sports meeting granted 141 gold medals, 119 silver me

  • Dehong: Jewelry Show Shinning at Yunnan Cultural Industry Expo


    On the afternoon of August 10, a jewelry show, which was a part of the 2013 Yunnan Cultural Industry Expo, was held at Kunming International Exhibition Center The show attracted hundreds of customers and visitors who were busy take photos

  • Dehong Focuses on Jewels and Mahoganies During 2013 Yunnan Cultural Industry Exp


    2013 Yunnan Cultural Industry Expo opened on August 9 in Kunming, during which jewels and mahoganies from Dehong drew lots of attention

  • “Avenue of Stars” Welcomes Jingpo Aunt Team


    Following a successful performance at Vienna Golden Hall which set off a wave of popularity of China ethnic style in Europe, Dehong Aunt Team continued their glory and entered the internet qualifying competition of CCTV “Avenue of Stars”

  • “Charming Dehong” Press Conference Held in Kunming


    “We will make Dehong a landscape garden city by developing green and ecological tourism”, said Gong Jingzheng at Haigeng Hall, Kunming on July 16 when attending the exclusive press conference about “charming Dehong”, which is a part