The homeland of peacocks

In the west of Yunnan Province China, there is a beautiful piece of land, which is named Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture.

  • Mangshi Airport Shows a Good Start in 2013


    Mangshi airport shows an auspicious start in the former four months of 2013 From January to April of 2013, the airport has ensured the safety of 2785 flights, with passenger throughput achieving 269,129, an increase by 42% compared with the

  • Strategic Cooperation Agreements Signed Between Jingcheng Group and An’ning Iron


    On the afternoon of April 28, strategic cooperation agreements between Yunnan Jingcheng Group Co , Ltd and An’ning Iron Company attached to Kunming Iron & Steel Holding , Ltd were signed at Ruili Dihai Hot-spring Resort Center The agreeme

  • Dehong to Boost the Development of Ruili Pilot Zone from Seven Aspects


    Information from the administrative committee of Ruili Pilot Zone said that Dehong, for the time being and for a period of time in future, will boost the development of Ruili Pilot Zone with full efforts, mainly from the following aspects

  • Pulling up to Build a Beautiful Mangshi(1)


    Life is like a ship, and dream is its sail Everyone has his or her own dream, so does every nation or every race, and individuals’ dreams are closely connected with the vicissitudes of one’s country On December 29, 2012, Xi Jinping pro

  • Huihuan Village Wins “the 30 Most Glamorous Villages in Yunnan”


    Information from Wanding Publicity Department said that at the press conference as well as awarding ceremony of “looking for the 10 most beautiful counties” and “the 30 most glamorous villages in Yunnan, which was held on April 21, Hu

  • The 4th Dehong Real Estate Fair to be Held at Mangshi Square


    The 4th Dehong Real Estate Exhibition Fair, organized by Yunnan Daily Press Group and co-organized by Yunnan Real Estate Association, Yunnan Newspaper Advertising Co , Ltd, as well as bureaus of housing and urban-rural construction from diff

  • Farmers in Mangshi Busy Selling Watermelons


    At the roadside of Mangshi to Yingjiang, Mie Xiangzuo and the other two family members are busy harvesting their watermelons Mie said that watermelons usually became ripe during the first half of April and now 60 to 80 tons of watermelons w

  • Cross-Strait Agricultural Exchange Association Visits Dehong  


    From April 22 to 23, Yu Yongwei, head of Cross-Strait Agricultural Exchange Association as well as former assistant minister of Ministry of Agriculture, visited Dehong

  • Glamorous Dehong Shines at Tourism Trade Fair 


    During the 2013 China Domestic Tourism Trade Fair which closed on April 21, Dehong sent its sincere invitation to all the people, hoping that they can come to Dehong to enjoy the scenery, the dance, the singing, the flowers, the gems, the lo

  • Small Bookshops Serving as a Big Platform for China-Myanmar Cultural Communicati


    In just three years, the three “gateway bookshops”, established one after another, have become new windows for cultural exchange along China-Myanmar borders

  • Ruili Port: Import-Export Volume Increases Significantly in the First Quarter


    Statistics from customs show that the import-export shipments of Ruili Port achieves 55 0 tons in the first quarter, an increase by 24 6% compared with the same period of last year

  • Enjoying Water-Splashing Festival


    April is a time when northern part of China has still not completely got out of coldness, while Mangshi, located at the west part of Yunnan, has turned hot And the 2013 international water-splashing festival is also underway, with the whole

  • Contracts with 15 Billion RMB Signed During “Two Festivals”


    Contracts with 15 billion RMB or so were signed during the “two festivals”(the celebration of 60th anniversary of the establishment of Dehong Prefecture and water-splashing carnival)which was adopted by Dehong as a platform to attract in

  • Clarion International Club Settled in Mangshi


    On April 11, just before the opening ceremony of 2013 Dehong International Water-Splashing Festival, a signing ceremony between Huafeng Group and Clarion International Club, which is attached to American Choice Hotels International, was held

  • Jewelry Culture Trade Association of Dehong Established in Mangshi 


    The establishment meeting of Jewelry Culture Trade Association of Dehong was held on April 9 in Mangshi, which is a cheering and grand development in the industry of jewelry culture in Dehong