The homeland of peacocks

In the west of Yunnan Province China, there is a beautiful piece of land, which is named Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture.

  • The Official Opening of China-Myanmar Culture Exhibition Hall in Jiegao


    Li Yanlan and Zhao Rujie uncover the ribbon for China-Myanmar Culture Exhibition Hall, also known as Jiegao Bor

  • Wanding: A Rejuvenated Town in Dehong


    When enjoying delicious food at Wanding, you will be unconsciously indulged in the tranquility and strong historical as well as cultural smell of the town

  • Dehong to Speed up the Construction of Ruili-Longchuan Expressway


    As the first self-funded expressway in Dehong, Ruili-Longchuan expressway, starting from Pase River, Ruili to Zhangfeng Township, Longchuan County, is 24 24 kilometers in total

  • Ruili: Border Trade Revitalized


    Now in Myanmar, it is the season to harvest watermelons At a fruit wholesale market located at the mid-part of Ruili and Wanding, trucks full of watermelons from Myanmar as well as Chinese van-loads waiting to send watermelons to different

  • Foreigners’ Cozy Homes in Ruili


    “Now my income is much higher than local civil servants, which is really beyond my imagination”, said Mian Rui proudly at her snack bar

  • Water Splashing Festival Celebrated in Mangshi


    Amid flourishing flowers and fragrant fruits, the annual water splashing festival fell on the afternoon of April 12, 2014, when guests from every corner of the world gathered at Mangshi Square to celebrate the festival

  • Water Splashing Carnival Held in Dehong


    The annual water splashing carnival, a festival of Dai nationality, finally came with people’s sincere expectation Visitors coming from China and foreign countries gathered at Dehong, which is located at the China-Myanmar border,

  • Travel from Mangshi to Ruili to be shortened to One Hour Next Year


    Doing business in Ruili while living in Mangshi has been the lifestyle of Fan Zhibin, a businessman from Zhejiang, for years “More preferential policies will be enjoyed when doing business in Ruili while it is more comfortable to live in

  • Over 1500 Top-Level Motorcycles to be Exhibited During Water Splashing Festival


    2014 China Dehong International Water Splashing Festival & “Beautiful Dehong Romantic Travel” the Second National Motorcycle Tourism Culture Festival will be held in Dehong from April 10 to 14, 2014, during which series of activities inc

  • Dehong: The First G550 Business Jet Arrives at Mangshi Airport


    As the first business jet of Dehong, a Gulfstream G550, belonging to Dehong Southern Asia Airlines, arrived at Mangshi Airport on the afternoon of March 29, 2014

  • Yingjiang: The First Sales Exhibition of Characteristic Agricultural Products H


    The first Yingjiang Sales Exhibition of Characteristic Agriculture Products was held from March 17 to 19 at Qihong open market

  • Wang Junqiang Meets with U Win Myint


    A talk on further boosting China-Myanmar trade was held between Wang Junqiang, secretary of Dehong Prefecture Party Committee, and U Win Myint, head of Ministry of Commerce of Myanmar on March 2, 2014 This was the sixth meeting since the es

  • The Green Rising of “Made in Ruili”


    “Taking Ruili Airlines, driving Ruili cars, riding Ruili motorcycles, watching Ruili televisions, using Ruili mobile-phones, appreciating Ruili mahoganies, and purchasing Ruili jewelries”, said Wang Junqiang, when describing the future l

  • Jingpo International Academic Exchange Conference to be Held in Ruili


    Jingpo International Academic Exchange Conference, which is organized by Yunnan Academy of Social Science, Yunnan University of Nationalities, Yunnan Research Institute of Nationalities and Ruili China-Myanmar Border Culture Communication As

  • Ruili Experimental Zone Develops at Top Speed


    At the beginning of the new year, Ruili Experimental Zone is showing a new and vital landscape, with infrastructure construction developing at full speeds and new projections emerging one after another