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In the west of Yunnan Province China, there is a beautiful piece of land, which is named Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture.

Wintertime vegetable: the miracle of the distinctive industries of Dehong


  Wintertime vegetable: themiracle of the distinctive industries of Dehong


  The vegetable industrial China is going on a new phase with two main changes. One of the changes is thefierce competition market pattern is coming into being, the other one is the consumers pursue high quality, safe and healthy production instead of large quantity. How does Dehong with abundant resources of soil, light, temperature and water develop the wintertime vegetable industry under new situation?

  —— interview the director of the center for popularizing the agriculture technique Dehong HuangTingxiang

  Reporter: on the Dehong Agriculture Bureau special discussion of emancipating the mind, you proposed that the breakthrough of the development of Dehong agriculture is expediting the industrial development of Dehong agriculture, it is also the important channel for increase the income of farmers. You deem that Dehong is capable of constructing 500 thousand mu wintertime vegetable basement for export with 1 billion production value. What are the advantages of Dehong to develop wintertime vegetable industry ?

  Huang: Dehong has favorable conditions for developing wintertime vegetable industry. These advantages are:Dehong has favorable natural resources, ripe technique conditions and the successful models supported by local government.

  Reporter : how to scientific arrange the 500 thousand mu wintertime vegetable basement?

  Huang : according to the principle of adjust measures to local conditions, Dehong will construct 250 thousand mu high quality vegetable production basement ,150 thousand mu fresh and processing potato basement , 50 thousand mu fresh sweet- maize basement,50 thousand mu fresh soybean basement in the end of the the 11th Five-Year Plan.

  Reporter: what measures should be taken in order to achieve the goal of constructing the wintertime vegetable basement?

  Huang : firstly, the leadership should be enhanced; secondly, the institution for industrial development of of Dehong wintertime vegetable should be constitute; thirdly, make and follow comprehensive and well-considered plans;fourthly, the vegetable market system should be improved; fifthly, attach importance to the made-to-order farming of vegetable; sixth, the green agriculture should be vigorously expanded