The homeland of peacocks

In the west of Yunnan Province China, there is a beautiful piece of land, which is named Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture.

Work hard on the base construction, update marketing concept, create new product



  Work hard on the base construction, update marketing concept,create new product brands

  On the morning of September 28, vice-governor of Yunnan Kongchun-zhu, deputy secretary-general of Yunnan Government Baijian-kun, director of Yunnan Agriculture Office and other leaders had a field trip in Dehong Hougu Coffee Co. Ltd accompanied by the secretary of Dehong CPC Committee Zhaojin, deputy secretary of Dehong CPC Committee Lixing-shun, vice-governor of Dehong Government and other principals.

  The picture shows leaders are inspecting in Dehong Hougu Coffee Co. Ltd.

  Dehong Hougu Coffee Co. Ltd is a key leading enterprise in agriculture industrialization identified by national nine ministries and commissions. The company has long devoted himself to research and development of the coffee industry of China. Now, the company has planted over 10 thousand acres of coffee in Yunnan, and it accounts for one-third of the coffee-growing area of China. Over 3 thousand acres of coffee planted by the company has been put into production with annual more than 30,000 tons output of coffee fruits. Over 3 thousand farmers and over 15 thousand people have participated in coffee cultivation, management and income generation.

  After listened attentively to the reports on company situation introduced by the principal of the company, Kongcui-zhu affirmed the achievements scored by Dehong Hougu Coffee Co. Ltd. He figured that the company made a very good exploration on production and operation management, brand building, marketing, forming professional cooperative organizations and other aspects.

  He also said that the growth rate of the company was significant, eapeecially under the global financial crisis, the coffee sales price of the company was higher than last year, and the sales proportion of country's total coffee exports was 90%.

  Kongcui-zhu figured “along with the cultivation of coffee consumer market , adjustment of agricultural structure and the promotion of low-yield forest renovation project, the coffee-growing area of Yunnan has breached layout and it has great prospects for development. For the future, Dehong Hougu Coffee Co. Ltd should ensure base construction with industry as a link and professional cooperative organizations as a platform in order to achieve dimension and standardization of base.…… ”

  Kongcui-zhu required “departments at all levels should increase efforts to support the coffee industry, implement the project declaration, do a good job on Micro-credit business and support farmers planting. ‘Respecting farmer’s opinion and protecting farmer’s benefit ’ should be the fundamental of the development of industry. Land transfer and circulation problems should be handled in order to avoid conflicts.”

  The secretary of Dehong CPC Committee Zhaojin said “the rapid development of Dehon coffee industry is the result of high-level attention of provincial Party committee and provincial government, support of departments of Yunnan and prefectures. Now, the Dehong coffee industry should exert the advantage of location and increase the investment in science and technology, handle land transfer and circulation problems, respect farmer’s opinion, effectively make coffee industry benefit the farmers.”