The homeland of peacocks

In the west of Yunnan Province China, there is a beautiful piece of land, which is named Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture.

  • Hansha Temple in Ruili


      Situated in Hansha Village in Mengmao, Hansha Temple is one of the most celebrated grand temples in Ruili T

  • Bustling Jiegao Port


      Jiegao is the name of place in the language of Dai ethnic, which means ancient city Jiegao lies about 4

  • Xiamengpi, an idyllic Lisu village


      After passing Shimiwadi, a 20-minute rides on the winding stone road leads you to another amazing Lisu villag

  • Shimiwadi, “Shangri-la in western Yunnan”


    Shimiwadi, which means a fairy land in Lisu language, is known as Huangcaoba in Chinese It is located in Sud

  • Longchuan, an amzing county


    A panorama of Zhangfeng Garden-like Husa

  • Welcome to prosperous Husa


      Smiling sunflowers  Seas of sunflowers in Husa have attracted numerous visitors recently, who share the pictur

  • Tourism in Yingjiang to Restore Development


    Days earlier, the integrated project of Yingjiang International Tourism-Holiday Resort of Kaibangya Lake and Landscape Avenue began to be started, marking that the tourism-culture project with an investment of more than ten-billion RMB has s

  • Tourism in Ruili: Overcoming Difficulties and Embracing New Developments


    On December 11, more than 50 members including Zhang Yiwei, vice secretary of Ruili made an inspection on the developments of tourism and culture in Ruili

  • National Day: Absolute Excellence in Dehong


    With the incoming arrival of National Day, many people are considering where to go Undoubtedly, Dehong is an ideal choice, where you can enjoy the exciting challenge match of mountain bike, special foods with folk features, Baobo carnival a

  • National Day Holiday-Go to the Western Part of Yunnan to Enjoy the Customs and S


    With its excellent and abundant tourism resources, Yunnan is highly regarded as a tourism destination In the past, people would always choose places such as Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Shangri-La, Xishuang Banna, etc Now, with the opening of n

  • Go to the Tropical Rainforest to Enjoy More Oxygen


    Hidden in a canyon at the border areas between Mangshi, Longchuan and Ruili, a rarely-known and beautiful scene with green mountains, flourishing trees, pure air and verdant environment is called Murray waterfalls—a tropical rainforest wat

  • 10 Billion Development Plan Signed for Kaibangya Lake Tourism Zone


    Few days ago, an investment agreement for developing Kaibangya Lake into a comprehensive tourist resort was signed between Yingjing local government and Yingjiang Kaibangya Lake Tourist Investment Corporation According to the agreement, th

  • Dehong Tourism Takes off: Tourists Expected to be 5.73 Million in 2012


    Last year, tourists arrived in Dehong prefecture reached 5 32 million, an increase by 13 55% compared with the same period of the previous year Among those tourists, 119 9 thousands were from overseas and 5 201 were domestic The one-day t

  • New Journey: Southern Silk Round of China


    In February 5th, a new tourist product, the Journey along Sourthern Silk Road, yielded collectively by Dehong Prefectural Bureau of Tourism and Chengdu Association of Tourism, made its first pulic appearance in the Dehongs Voice Park in Man

  • New Direct Flight to Chengdu Starts in January.


    With a 100-minutes flight, tourists from Chengdu will be able to appreciate the beautiful scenery and unique ethnic culture in Mangshi Menawhile, Mangshi citizens can easily enjoy the delicious cuisine and time-honored cultural traditions