The homeland of peacocks

In the west of Yunnan Province China, there is a beautiful piece of land, which is named Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture.

Dehong Tourism Takes off: Tourists Expected to be 5.73 Million in 2012




Last year, tourists arrived in Dehong prefecture reached 5.32 million, an increase by 13.55% compared with the same period of the previous year. Among those tourists, 119.9 thousands were from overseas and 5.201 were domestic. The one-day tour in bordering areas attracted 1.35 million travellers. The total revenue of tourism in last year alone amounted over 6 billion yuan and grew by 30.82% over the number of the previous year. Dehong had gradually built itself into one of the major tourism region in Yunnan.

In 2012, many new tourism projects will be constructed to cater the need of increasing tourists. Among them, the second project of the Jingcheng Spring Resort, the Entertainment Valley of Dehong’s ethnic cultures, the Five-star hotel in Lianghe, the second project of Menghuang Golden Pagoda , the Black River tourist zone, the relics of Ruili Ancient Dai Palace are the most attractive ones. The expected number of tourist is predicted to soar over 5.3 million and the tourist revenue would be around 5.7 billion yuan.

According to the report on the tourism in Dehong prefecture released on March 2nd, the Mangshi-Ruili-Tengchong tourist route will be attached with considerate importance in the development of tourism in 2012 and Dehong will be established as a portal between China and the southeastern and southern Asia.

To facilitate the rapid growth of tourism in this region, roads are built to link major cities and flight route are opened for both domestic destinations, like Beijing and Shanghai, and international destinations like Mandalay in Myanmar.

In 2012, Dehong would grasp the opportunity of booming times in tourism to strengthen its ties with surrounding regions and bordering nations to achieve another height in Dehong’s tourism industry. Also, the colorful and mysterious ethnic cultures will become another major attraction for tourists. Therefore, a series of tourist products, combining the unique ethnic cultures with unspoiled natural environment, charming bordering cultures of mixed nationalities ,exquisites jewelries and fabulous health resort with springs, will be launched in 2012.