The homeland of peacocks

In the west of Yunnan Province China, there is a beautiful piece of land, which is named Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture.

Go to the Tropical Rainforest to Enjoy More Oxygen


       The foremost essence for a summer resort is to calm people’s minds.

  Do you feel suffocated in the crowed and uproarious cities where you are unable to avoid the invasion of vehicle exhaust? If you do, maybe you are desired to find a forest with abundant green, in hope of being indulged in the pure air and enjoying the sunshine shining through the old trees to get rid of the sultry weather and reach calmness.

  Hidden in a canyon at the border areas between Mangshi, Longchuan and Ruili, a rarely-known and beautiful scene with green mountains, flourishing trees, pure air and verdant environment is called Murray waterfalls—a tropical rainforest waterfall.

  A natural oxygen bar to clean your lung

  It's really a pity if you spend all your time appreciating the ethnic customs and enjoying the delicious food, and then miss Murray tropical rainforest when you visit Dehong. Tropical rainforests are always regarded as the biggest and best generator of negative oxygen ions because of its pure air and high concentration of negative oxygen ions, and that is also why they are called natural oxygen bar and forest bathhouse.

  It’s said that Murray tropical rainforest is of the highest concentration of negative oxygen ions among all natural oxygen bars in China, and its comfortable climate, pure air, and ideal temperature draw lots of visitors who intend to appreciate the beauty and be totally immersed in the natural negative oxygen bar. Wandering in the primitive rain forest, closing your eyes, feeling the wonder among the canyons, streams, mountains, and waterfalls, you will free yourself completely from the daily tiredness.

  To appreciate the old trees

  With its three sides surrounded by mountains, Murray tropical rainforest is dense with forest and old trees reaching into sky, such as big banyans, wild sugar palms, and even some rare plants. As an important part of natural reserve along Ruili River basin and also the most significant part of ecologic and scenic spots in west part of Dehong, the rainforest is home to 1540 kinds of plants and 479 kinds of flowers as well as spices, among which more than 10 kinds of rare species are listed as national conservation.

  In the company of the flowing rivers, the shade brought about by thousand of plants, and the natural scenes without any ornamentation, you can have a deep breath of the air which will refresh your mind thoroughly and a walk on the piled leaves which will give you an enjoyment of the softest blanket in the world.

  A combination of summer resort, tourism, and body-building

  Different from ordinary roads, the 1.6 kilometers long sight-seeing passage, twisting through the forest and looking like a flying jade belt, is made up of wooden pavement, stone stairs and bamboo bridge. Walking on the passage will bring you back to the genuine nature, and at the same time it is also a good exercise which you will never feel tired of.


  Destination: Murray waterfall

  Time needed for sight-seeing: about 2.5 hours

  Transportation: the waterfall is 26 kilometers away from Ruili. If you start from Mangshi, you can drive along 320 national highway, and you can see a marked sign at Wanding bridge. If you take the bus, you can start from southern bus station of Mangshi, and get off at Wanding bridge, then walk about 5 kilometers to the scenic spot. The all-inclusive package, which will cost you 180-200 RMB, is the best choice.

  Ticket fare: 50 RMB per person

  Clothing tips

  1. During the rain season, you’d better wear trousers to prevent mosquitoes and leeches.

  2. You’d better choose comfortable shoes, for the sight-seeing of rainforest is mainly for body-building and appreciation of nature, so you will walk lot. Meanwhile, you can wear T-shirt during summer, the temperature in all seasons doesn’t change much.