The homeland of peacocks

In the west of Yunnan Province China, there is a beautiful piece of land, which is named Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture.

  • 10 Billion Development Plan Signed for Kaibangya Lake Tourism Zone


    Few days ago, an investment agreement for developing Kaibangya Lake into a comprehensive tourist resort was signed between Yingjing local government and Yingjiang Kaibangya Lake Tourist Investment Corporation According to the agreement, th

  • Dehong Tourism Takes off: Tourists Expected to be 5.73 Million in 2012


    Last year, tourists arrived in Dehong prefecture reached 5 32 million, an increase by 13 55% compared with the same period of the previous year Among those tourists, 119 9 thousands were from overseas and 5 201 were domestic The one-day t

  • New Journey: Southern Silk Round of China


    In February 5th, a new tourist product, the Journey along Sourthern Silk Road, yielded collectively by Dehong Prefectural Bureau of Tourism and Chengdu Association of Tourism, made its first pulic appearance in the Dehongs Voice Park in Man

  • New Direct Flight to Chengdu Starts in January.


    With a 100-minutes flight, tourists from Chengdu will be able to appreciate the beautiful scenery and unique ethnic culture in Mangshi Menawhile, Mangshi citizens can easily enjoy the delicious cuisine and time-honored cultural traditions

  • Heihe Laopo in Mengga Willage


    Heihe Laopo is situated on the converge point of Zhongshan Village and Mengga Town, Mangshi With an altitude of 2836 meters, it has abundant rainfalls There are abundant species of vegetation in the area There are 2000 kinds of plateau p

  • Peacock Lake in Mangshi City


    The Peacock Lake ecological area is 5 2 kilometers from east Mangshi city It is named after the fact that it is a historical habitat for green peacocks and the shape of the lake looks like a peacock displaying its fanned tail The lake, wi

  • Three Fairies Cavern in Mengga Village


    As in legend, the cavernwas discovered by three fairies, and they lived there ever after That s how it got its present name Three Fairies Cavern was formed over 2 7 million years ago The cavern was divided into upper and lower parts The

  • Yunyan Buddha Pagoda in Yingjiang County


    Yunyan Buddha Pagoda is located at the top of Yunyan Mountain, to the east of Yingjiang county Yunyan means fortune and happiness in the Dai language Construction on the pagoda began in 1947, though it was not completed until eight years

  • The Memorial of Dao Anren Opens in Yingjiang County


    The memorial of Dao Anren, which is built upon the former residence of this deceased legendary hero during the Xinhai Revolution, opens on October 27th in Xincheng Village at Yingjiang County, Dao Anren is the local mititant magistrate in

  • Two New Direct Flights Take off Late October


    In order to provide convenienience for local people and accelerate the growth of tourism, China Eastern Airlines opens two new direct flight routes from Mangshi Airport to Shanghai Hongqiao and Beijing International Airport With the luanc

  • Dehong Travel Products Take Stage at The 2011 China International Travel Mart


    The 2011 China International Travel Mart opens at Kunming on October 27th During this grand fair, the Dehong Delegation ,which is led by Mr Chen, the vice governor of Dehong Prefecture,gives a spendid exhibition of the current situation of

  • New Year concert


    With beautiful music and shining lights, a grand concert was held in Mangshi Hall of Southwest Chinas Dehong prefecture on Dec 30 to celebrate the coming of the New Year With beautiful music and shining lights, a grand concert was held in

  • Tourism development of Mengbanaxi(Luxi)


    Tourism development of Mengbanaxi(Luxi)

  • Variations of friendship and carnival——sidelight of Ninth China and Burma Baopo-


    This year, Ninth China and Burma Baopo-carnival and second session of the Second International Jewelry Culture Festival made waves beside Ruili River again People living on the frontiers between the two countries and domestic and foreign gu

  • Dehong government is supervising the holiday travel safety of golden week of Nat


    From September 28 to 29, tourism and other related departments organised by Dehong government have supervised the holiday travel safety of golden week of National Holiday