The homeland of peacocks

In the west of Yunnan Province China, there is a beautiful piece of land, which is named Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture.

  • Banyan King


    Dehong residents have a special affection for banyan and called it big green tree The Dai people worship these tall, straight and old trees in the village

  • Yunnan Jingpo Park


    Yunnan Jingpo Park is a wonderful place for visitors to taste green-leave feast, watch Jingpo singing and dance, experience Jingpo-style wedding ceremony, and attend folk sports and campfire party

  • Mengba Naxi Rare Park


    Mengba Naxi Rare Park was assessed as the state Grade 4A scenic spot in December of 2005

  • Yingjiang County: A major access on the southern silk road


    Rich Resources Yingjiang has a vast expanse of land Its territory is 4,429 square kilometers in area and the arable land takes up an area of 32,000 hectares, ranking first in the whole prefecture in the per capita land occupation

  • Longchuan, hometown of the Munao Zongge Dance of China


    Here, it is an Elysian place in the sunshine; it is a place having experienced great changes of long history Here, it is the hometown of the Munao Zongge Dance of China; it offers its splendid rays all around like the sun

  • Ruili: the Oriental Jewelry City


    Colorful Folk Custom With rich ethnic custom and colorful folk activities and festivals, Ruili is referred to as the “hometown of songs and dances”

  • Dayingjiang River Scenic Zone


    Beautiful Dayingjiang River runs through Yingjiang County in west Yunnan border area

  • Moli Tropical Rainforest Eco-tourism Area


    In December of 2005, Moli Tropical Rainforest Eco-tourism Area of Ruili was assessed as the state Grade 4A scenic spot

  • The First China-Myanmar Self-Driving Circle Tour Route to be Launched


      The first China-Myanmar self-driving circle tour route, including the eleven-day China-Myanmar self-driving travel, sixteen-day self-driving travel, eleven-day China-Myanmar-Thailand-Laos self-driving travel and seventeen-day China-M

  • Dehong to Fully Facilitate the Rising of Tourism Industry


    A meeting on the development of tourism industry of Dehong was held in Mangshi on March 26, 2014 During the meeting, current situation as well as problems concerning the development of tourism industry were analyzed, development thoughts a

  • Liu Ping: Dehong Should Focus on Vacation Tourism and Business Travel


    Following a research on tourism development in Dehong from March 10 to 13, Liu Ping, a senior provincial counselor, pointed out that Dehong, based on its advantages and careful planning, should make efforts to advance the development of vaca

  • Go to the Peacock Lake for Electric Bicycle Ride


    As a new place of amusement which is close to the urban area of Mangshi and well-known for its attractive scenery, Peacock Lake is becoming more and more popular Since the around-lake road was put into operation, more and more people are be

  • “Minguo Inn” Becomes the First Three-Star Hotel in Wanding


    Dehong Star-Rating Committee of Tourist Hotels approved the three-star level application by Wanding Minguo (Republic of China) Inn on December 26, 2013, which marks the birth of the first three-star level hotel in Wanding and will provide a

  • Mangshi Hotel Awarded the “Vice President Unit of Yunnan Tourist Hotel Industry


    At the member meeting of Yunnan Tourist Hotel Industry Association held a few days ago, Mangshi Hotel was awarded the vice president unit of Yunnan Tourist Industry Association, and Xiao Xiaoming, general manager of Mangshi Hotel, was select

  • Dehong: Easy Pass for Cross-Border Travel Reopened


    Easy pass for cross-border travel through Ruili (travelers can apply for a "Border Pass " in Ruili instead of being forced to return to the place where their hukou is registered) was initiated on December 16, 2013, marking that China-Myanmar