The homeland of peacocks

In the west of Yunnan Province China, there is a beautiful piece of land, which is named Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture.

Minshi Holding Group is to invest RMB 8 billion in Mangshi



    On the afternoon of August 26, the Signing Ceremony of Minshi Holding Group's Investment in Yunnan was held in Kunming. According to relevant agreement, Minshi Holding Group is to invest in Kunming National Economic and Technical Development Zone, Luoping County in Qujing City and Mangshi in Dehong Prefecture, covering such projects as cultural tourism, health, equipment manufacturing and the building of characteristic town. The total investment reaches RMB 12.55 billion, of which RMB 8 billion is to be invested in Mangshi.

  Chen Hao, the party secretary of Yunnan Province, met with Qin Ronghua, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Minshi Holding Group and his party and witnessed the signing. Chen Hao briefly introduced the situation of Yunnan Province and its economic and social development, and welcomed enterprises to invest in Yunnan. The two sides focused on finding the right points of cooperation based on Yunnan's development advantages and potential, and exchanged views on strengthening cooperation in cultural tourism, equipment manufacturing, international market development, and talent introduction to achieve win-win development.

  Zhao Gang, the party secretary of Dehong Prefecture, also secretary of Ruili National Key Experimental Zone for Development and Opening-up Party Committee and director of Management Committee, attended the event.

  Mao Xiao, the party secretary and mayor of Mangshi signed a contract with Minshi Holding Huayuan International Development Co., Ltd. According to the relevant agreement, the Minshi Holding Group is to invest RMB 8 billion  to build a characteristic town in Mangshi. The selected site of the project is located next to the Mangbie Reservoir in Fengping Town, Mangshi. The planned total area is about 5980 mus. It will be constructed in accordance with the national 5A-level scenic spot standards. It is a comprehensive cultural tourism project integrating talents, arts and cultural center, hot spring resort hotel, sight-seeing train, tourist reception center, high-end residential communities and boutique hotels.